Violet Evergarden: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Somewhere, Under a Starry Sky” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Violet once again travels off to a distant place for work and while she sees one old friend, her focus is getting to know and revealing herself to a new one. Network Netflix Director(s) Taichi Ishidate Writer(s) Reiko Yoshida Air Date 2/15/2018 Characters Introduced Leon ? A New Job: Violet, Leon This week, Violet finds…

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Violet leaving the observatory.

Violet once again travels off to a distant place for work and while she sees one old friend, her focus is getting to know and revealing herself to a new one.

Director(s) Taichi Ishidate
Writer(s) Reiko Yoshida
Air Date 2/15/2018
Characters Introduced
Leon ?

A New Job: Violet, Leon

This week, Violet finds herself within the Justitia region of Astrea at the Shahar Observatory. Her job is simply to work with Leon, someone who transcribes manuscripts and helping him type up documents which are falling apart. Something that Leon, originally, planned to make hard for her since, perhaps due to misogynistic views, he sees Auto Memory Dolls simply as women who travel about and look pretty in hopes of snagging a wealthy husband

Though, the truth is, he kind of envies them.

We’re Similar, You And I: Violet, Leon

Leon staring out the window.

Despite Leon’s low expectations, he and Violet get 144 pages done in one day, which equals 3 days of work. But, while they work together, they also learn about one another. Such as Leon being an orphan who is supported by the head of the observatory. This is revealed alongside Violet not even remembering her parents’ faces. Which, when they talk about it, leads Violet to connect with him and even smile. Something she rarely does, which she knows is off-putting, but they connect on their aloof demeanors as well. For Leon certainly hasn’t made much in the way of friends.

Lonely & Complacent: Leon, Violet

Which is why he opens up about his parents to Violet. His dad was someone who hunted for rare documents for people like him to transcribe. His mother, an entertainer, seemingly stopped her wandering once Leon’s father came into her life. However, when the father didn’t return from an assignment, she left Leon behind and he has been alone ever since.

Leading him to ask her about feeling lonely and Violet noting she doesn’t fully understand the emotion. She knows it exists and what it is, but until Leon explains it, she didn’t realize that her feelings about the major inspired these feelings. But, it isn’t just her who is given a gift. He is given a sense of understanding of why his mother left him as she did. When it comes to love, as he believes, it does make you foolish, but it is just because the absence of it is death. So, in Violet’s mind, given the scenario Leon poses to her, if she had a chance to see the major, she would abandon the assignment. But not before struggling with how to apologize to Leon about leaving.

And with that said, the following day Leon announces that he is going to be like his dad and travel. For he has become complacent in his current role and doesn’t like that feeling anymore.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

Luculia showing face before disappearing for the rest of the episode.

  • Luculia is in the episode, but strangely she and Violet don’t interact at all.
  • Violet has only learned how to write a few days ago.

Low Points

Hello, Goodbye

Considering Luculia was kind of the catalyst to Violet opening up, I’m surprised there wasn’t any real effort into them having at least one conversation. Even if it was on the way back from the conservatory.

On The Fence

Minor Details & A Character We May Never See Again

I’d hate to sound overly critical, but it does seem to be a pattern forming with the anime being followed this season. The pattern being, we get a huge amount of episodes where there are one episode guest stars, but the story of the character? That’s mostly set aside. We may learn, or hear repeated certain things, like Violet only learning to write a few years ago or being an orphan, but nothing that really pushes the story along.

Take us seeing Diethard in the last episode. That isn’t followed up on at all and considering where Violet was in her character development, just breaking through and understanding emotions, understanding why she had become so shut down would have been cool. For who knows if it was military life or trauma from her childhood which made her so soft spoken and quiet? I’d like to know.

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