Violet Evergarden: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Never Coming Back” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Erica, Cattleya, and Iris.

With the influx of some new characters, Violet Evergarden has definitely become the type of show worth your loyalty.

Director(s) Taichi Ishidate
Writer(s) Reiko Yoshida
Air Date 1/18/2018
Characters Introduced
Erica Minori Chihara
Iris Haruka Tomatsu
Cattleya Aya Endou

Meet The Girls: Violet, Erica, Iris, Cattleya, Claudia

So begins Violet’s work with the Auto Memory Dolls, which seemingly is a department headed by Cattleya, and has Erica and Iris as the people under her. Though, it should be noted, it seems the only reason Cattleya is the boss, to some, is because she has a close, possibly intimate, or formerly intimate, relationship with Claudia. Well, at least that might be what Erica things. She has been working there as long as Cattleya and though she isn’t the best there is, nor gets asked for, it seems she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

As for Iris? Well, she is just a girl from Leiden who was expecting the job to be more glamorous. Which, with Violet just being brought right in, it takes down the high of securing the job a bit more.

This May Not Be The Best Job For You: Violet, Erica, Iris, Cattleya, Claudia

Violet telling Erica she wants to be a Auto Memory Doll to know what it meant when the Major said he loved her.

Especially when it is clear Violet isn’t necessarily good at the job. I mean, she can type fast as hell, and that may have to be her specialty for a while, but she is very much a doll. The same doll Dietfried, Gilbert’s older brother, gave him about 4 years ago. But, Violet wants to be better, wants to be more human, I guess you can say, and Erica gets that. For while she may not have had the same life as Violet, she gets not connecting with people it seems. Looking for outside examples as to what it means to feel, to be, and to have emotions and feelings projected onto you.

Hence why she tries to befriend Violet but with Violet being so blunt and rude, she makes that very hard at times. To the point that, while Cattleya is on an assignment, and Claudia checks in with Iris about Violet’s progress, she straight up says she might be bad for the company and she should be pushed to quit. Something that gets heard but seems to not really affect Violet much. After all, her goal isn’t to become the best Auto Memory Doll as it is to understand what Major Gilbert meant when he said, “I Love You.”

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It seems the brooch Major Gilbert gave Violet was stolen but, luckily, Claudia bought it back for her. It cost him a whole paycheck.

Question(s) Left Unanswered


  1. Has Violet finally realized that Major Gilbert is likely dead?
    1. Will we ever meet, in the present, his older brother?
  2. Is it safe to assume Major Gilbert taught Violet how to read and write?
  3. Has anything gone on between Claudia and Cattleya or is she maybe just interested in being with a rich man? If not the man who helped her get a job?


Getting To Know The Girls

Cattleya looking concerned.

The show is definitely getting better, if only because of the expansion in characters. But also, it is because the quantity added are of quality. Cattleya, while seemingly bursting from her outfit, is a bit intriguing. She, like Iris and Erica, you want to know more about and how they survived during the war years. Much less, considering how so many people seemingly don’t know how to write, how were they so lucky to learn how to?

Assumingly, if they were rich they wouldn’t be in a job like this, and considering how the world does seem sort of old-fashioned, you also have to wonder how their families feel about them working? But it doesn’t end there. With Cattleya, you are pushed to be particularly curious about her relationship with Claudia, as well as what made him hire her and Erica as his first to Auto Memory Dolls?

And really, the thoughts go on and on in such a way which drives you to want to see more, meet more characters, and especially dive into their, and their world’s history. In a way Claudia and Violet didn’t necessarily do in the first episode.

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