Violet Evergarden: Season 1/ Episode 14 (OVA) “Surely, Someday You Will Understand that ‘I love you'” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As an early holiday gift, we are reminded of one of the best anime of the spring, if not year, in this tear-jerking ova.

Director(s)Ishidate Taichi
Writer(s)Yoshida Reiko, Akatsuki Kana
Air Date10/4/2018
Characters Introduced

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The One Who Didn’t Come Home: Ilma, Aldo, Violet

Of course, Violet isn’t the only one who lost someone from the war with Gardarik. Others, like opera singer Ilma and Aldo, have lost someone too. Yet, like Violet, during this part of her story, they wait with hope and perhaps in vain. But, one way to console the masses in their grief is to show they aren’t alone. Hence Ilma wanting to have a new opera which represents the feelings of those who felt left behind. Those waiting for their sons, daughters, lovers, etc, to come home.

However, because the topic is so close to Ilma and Aldo’s heart, neither can write the high point of the opera nor surmise the feelings of the masses. That is where Violet comes in. Because of her instructor, Rhodanse, recommending her, she is asked to take on this task. The only issue is, Ilma gives nothing of herself and barely speaks to Violet. She just gives her the task and expects results. Leading to many failed attempts.

But, after Aldo finally clues Violet in, in terms of why she is there and was hired, she consults her company and drops off their collected ideas. Which still gets rejected, but at least now Violet has some grasp on what is wanted and so she decides it would just be best to follow Ilma. Leading to them both opening up and things finally getting somewhere. Violet mentions being in the military, Ilma reveals she was in love with Aldo’s son Hugo and talks about the feelings which came with him leaving and never returning.

With that, Violet has all she needs and writes something which satisfied Aldo and Ilma – even brings them to tears.


Ilma happy about Violet delivering the letter she wanted.
Ilma: this is what I wanted.

It has been almost 6 months since the last episode of Violet Evergarden, yet the tears still came on queue. Which, honestly, surprised me for what Violet wrote wasn’t even all that good. However, there is something to be said about this show’s tone and visuals. Unlike many anime, Violet Evergarden doesn’t seem to focus on just one aspect of telling a story and then lets everything else be standard. From visuals to music, the tone of the story, even dialog, everything is set up so episodic stories like this, they nearly all hit home.

Now, I will say, Violet’s letter didn’t seem all that. However, I still found myself crying despite of. Making this OVA something I’m thankful for, yet also incredibly frustrated by. Since now I want more but know, outside of a movie in 2020, there likely won’t be anything else for us to consume from this universe till then.

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