The desire to be closer expands beyond Tomo’s crush on Jun and leads to varying results.

Aired (Crunchyroll) 1/25/2023
Episode Title The Reason for Her Smile / I Want to Be Playful Like a Girl / Heroes Fall a Lot
Director(s) Ken Andō
Writer(s) Megumi Shimizu
Noted Characters
Tanabe Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Misuzu Hidaka Rina
Tomo Takahashi Rie
Jun Ishikawa Kaito
Carol Amaki Sally
Mifune Taichi You
Ogawa Tanezaki Atsumi
Misaki Amasaki Kouhei
Akemi Watanabe Kumiko
Goro Nomura Kenji


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The big focus in this episode is people wanting to be closer to one another. Tanabe wants to be closer to Misuzu, even though she makes it clear she doesn’t like him. Carol wants to be closer to Misuzu and be her best friend. And in general, Tomo just wants to have closer friendships and get to do things like hug and hold hands. She tried to do this with Mifune and Ogawa, but they aren’t receptive. Luckily, Carol is, but, her hugs are so great, it almost makes Tomo question her sexuality.

Naturally, Jun is pushed to be an option but with him thinking that crosses boundaries, he rejects Tomo. So, in the end, Tomo finds between Carol and the reluctant Misuzu, those are the two whom she can get physical affection from. Which may make you think, what about her parents? Well, according to her mom, Akemi, her dad, Goro, never leaves the dojo, and while Tomo loves her parents, it isn’t the same. Her dad is too intense, and while her mom is cool, it doesn’t count.

But, while Tomo can’t bond with Mifune and Ogawa through physical touch, protecting Ogawa from an upperclassman does seem to solidify their friendship. It also leads to Jun getting involved when he overhears the upperclassman wanting to jump Tomo for embarrassing him, and he makes easy pickings of the upperclassman and his four friends.

Which leaves one last thing. Like Tomo, Carol wants a closer relationship with someone who doesn’t see them as a potential romantic partner. In her case, it is Misaki. She wants Misuzu’s opinion, maybe even help, but with Misaki outright calling Carol his little sister and nonchalantly brushing crumbs off her breasts, Misuzu recognizes a very familiar issue with perhaps a greater challenge.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. After what Tomo did, a part of me wonders if Ogawa or Mifune may develop a girl crush



The Strength Of The Friendships

While many seem to be wishing for me, it is nice to see them being able to appreciate what they have. Tomo may not get what she wants from Jun for a long time, potentially ever, but she will forever have him in her corner. Whether it is kicking people’s asses for her or just being someone happy to see her. The same goes for Carol. She heard Tomo needed some affection, and she openly gave it, likely knowing that Tomo could squeeze her life out via a bear hug vs. how normal people hug.

And the list goes on, and it creates quite a wholesome mix.

Carol and Tomo hugging
Tomo-Chan Is A Girl: Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Reason for Her Smile / I Want to Be Playful Like a Girl / Heroes Fall a Lot” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While the latest episode lacks the emotional moment that past episodes did, there “Tomo-Chan Is A Girl” remains a rather easy watch.
The Strength Of The Friendships

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