The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari): Season 1, Episode 21 “Naofumi’s Triumphant Return” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Queen Mirellia and Naofumi out on a balcony.

In pursuit of making things right with Naofumi, Queen Mirellia Q. Melromarc seems willing to go to drastic means that even disturb Naofumi.

In pursuit of making things right with Naofumi, Queen Mirellia Q. Melromarc seems willing to go to drastic means that even disturb Naofumi.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 5/29/2019

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It’s Been 72 Hours: Naofumi, Melty, Raphtalia, Filo

Despite the powers of the Queen, Naofumi was in a coma for three days. Also, it is revealed to us that while he might be able to move, he will remain cursed for at least a month. Yet, just seeing him awaken overjoys Melty, Raphtalia, and Filo.

Clearing His Name: Naofumi, Autocray, Myne, Mirellia

With Naofumi awake comes Mirellia, Queen of Melromarc, explaining everything that happened up until now. If not, better said, what allowed everything to happen. The gist: While she was away at an international forum, Autocray and Myne acted on their own to summon the four cardinal heroes. Originally, each of the major kingdoms were to summon just one, but with what Autocray and Myne did, that was no longer possible. So, she spent a lot of the time we saw Naofumi struggling trying to keep the peace.

King Autocray asking why he is being brought to trial.

Leading to her offering, now that she is back, to clear his name and make things right. Which, originally, seemed like she’d just reveal the truth and that would be it. However, it is revealed there instead would be a trial. One which includes marking Myne as a slave to force the truth out of her ranging from her framing Naofumi to attempting to assassinate her sister. As for Autocray? His outright hatred for the Shield Hero, which seems to be a personal matter, beyond religion, damns him. Leading to them both being sentenced to execution.

Mercy/ A Slut B**** and Trash: Naofumi, Autocray, Myne, Mirellia, Melty

But the execution doesn’t happen. Naofumi, who foresaw the execution, taking note the Queen has no real desire to do so, gives her an out by presenting an alternative punishment. One which will keep Myne and Autocray alive but embarrassed forevermore. Autocray, stripped of his title and power, is sentenced to be known as Trash. As for Myne? She will go by B**** and Slut to replace her birth name and adventurer name. Thus making it so Queen Mirellia doesn’t have to beg for their lives and truly leaving her in Naofumi’s thanks.

Though, she isn’t alone. Upon learning what Queen Mirellia was going to do, and the likelihood Naofumi did what he did for her sakes, Melty runs to thank him. All while, I should note, he walks to leave the kingdom and is praised on his way out. Finally getting his dues not just for being a hero, but living up to the title.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So will Naofumi and company finally get past the level cap in the next episode? Heck, will we get to meet leaders of the other kingdoms, since I doubt we’ll see their individual lands, in depth, at this point?
  2. What happened to Autocray’s (Trash) family to make him hate the Shield Hero? Did he not arrive in time? Also, when it comes to Zeltoble, did they worship the Shield Hero like Siltvelt, and assumingly Shieldfreeden? Considering they are a land of mercenaries, and it not being noted if there are interrace or not, do they see the Shield Hero in a positive light?
  3. Considering Naofumi dreamt of Autocray and Myne’s demise, does that mean he may have foresight or is more savvy than given credit for?


The Politics Return

One of the early highlights of the show, which hasn’t been of use, was how political it seemed. This is something which makes a small cameo as Mirellia reminds us of the balance involved with keeping each kingdom at peace despite all the reasons to go to war. Either one on one or in groups. Add in the trial, which could have gone a multitude of ways, and it reminds you of when the show had a more serious tone – outside of battles and emotional moments.

The End To A Rather Large Arc

Naofumi committing to saving the world.

Most of this show has been about Naofumi traveling all around the country because he was an outcast, and also being unable to leave the country due to being an outcast. So with that over, and Queen Mirellia seemingly having no desire to trap him in the kingdom, one can only hope we’ll see the other leaders, maybe glimpses of their kingdom now.

Plus, with Naofumi mentioning going home, it is nice to be reminded this all is not where he and the others are from. Not that he didn’t mention leaving within the last few episodes, but with only a few episodes left, it means we may finally see it happen.

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