The Rising of the Shield Hero: Season 1, Episode 6 “A New Comrade” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Raphtalia killing a monster.

As Raphtalia gets jealous of Filo growing closer to Naofumi, we’re given an update on what the other heroes are doing.

As Raphtalia gets jealous of Filo growing closer to Naofumi, we’re given an update on what the other heroes are doing.

Director(s) Abo Takao
Writer(s) Koyanagi Keigo
Air Date 2/13/2019


The Owner, Not Father/ Friend, Not Father: Filo, Raphtalia, Naofumi

The relationship dynamic between Filo, Raphtalia, and Naofumi is complicated. Naofumi sees Raphtalia as his daughter, but she wants the potential to be seen as more. Then with Filo, she is pushed to see Naofumi as her father, since he does so much for her, but he rejects that. However, no matter how you see it, Raphtalia, with having to share Naofumi, is a bit jealous of Filo. Not enough to say or do anything mean, but the side eye is strong.

One Hand Shakes the Other: Naofumi

Naofumi, as he tries to make money, is also repairing his reputation. He helps one person rush to deliver medicine, as well as enhances it. Also, he helps a trader who seemingly is renowned, but also a bit infamous. But, with helping that trader from being robbed, Naofumi gains a connection and much knowledge. For example, he learns how to craft gemstones and gains access to the trader’s grapevine. Thanks to this, he learns Myne is still trying to boost Motoyasu’s profile, Ren is hunting monsters, maybe even dragons, and Itsuki? Well, things are a bit more murky when it comes to him.

Depending on who you ask, he is training in the mountains, dungeons, might be within another kingdom, or other things. As for the rumors about Naofumi? Well, it’s starting to get a bit more mixed now. There is still this idea that he is a horrible person, but increasingly, as noted above, he is starting to seem perhaps a bit money hungry, but fair. Especially since he is willing to trade goods for services and not always money – which for most is in short supply

Though He Can Be Gruff, He’s Really a Softee: Filo, Raphtalia, Naofumi

Filo saying she'll do Naofumi proud.

One of the issues Naofumi is having with Filo is that she can transfer on will, and this makes it so, like The Hulk, she often rips her clothes. Luckily, it seems she isn’t the sole transforming being out there and, thanks to the witch Naofumi works with, and a dressmaker, Filo gets an adapting dress. One which Naofumi notes, between that and a crest Naofumi had to pay for, she will be paying him back for.

That and an incident when trying to get a gem to make the magic thread, it makes Filo question he part of this dynamic. But, with some reassurance from Raphtalia, who knows Naofumi is just scared of being hurt, Filo never minds the gruffness of Naofumi.


An Update On The Other Heroes

It’s easy to forget about the other heroes, especially Rin and Itsuki, since the show hasn’t done much with them. They pretty much have only co-signed whatever was going on at the time. So hearing that Rin is being this gallant adventurer and Itsuki, being a bit mysterious, is of interest. Maybe even to the point of hoping, since this show has 20+ episodes, seeing what is going on with them.

The Family Dynamic

While unfortunate, and uncomfortable, Raphtalia may have feelings for Naofumi, despite their history, and he sees her as a daughter, due to past episodes, their relationship has admirable elements. From the way Filo and Naofumi’s relationship is being developed, it is hoped that she’ll embrace the idea pushed of Naofumi being a father figure and him feeling the same. For if there is one thing this show has done right consistently, is developing the emotions of the characters.

We see this with Naofumi consistently. Take this episode featuring him still not trusting Raphtalia fully and thinking she would stab him in the back. Yes, the witch notes the monsters in the tunnel helped to conjure these thoughts, but the base of them is Naofumi’s own fear. Also, you have to take note Raphtalia’s own fears for with her parents gone, Naofumi is all she has. So her rushing into battle, and things of that nature, that is her reasserting her position in Naofumi’s life. Especially since what he is doing for Filo mirrors how he and her once were.

Filo looking over her shoulder

Also, Filo isn’t exempt from this. Unlike Raphtalia, Filo knows nothing beyond Naofumi so even if she is calling him master, we see a paternal and daughter relationship. One which has sway over her emotions, as seen in the tunnel, and made it so Raphtalia had to reinforce the idea that Naofumi wouldn’t abandon her. Which created a sweet moment between the two for whether Filo sees Raphtalia as a mom or sister, maybe just a friend, it reassured her that she has a family.

The Battle Was More Interesting Than The Wave

One of the few failings of this show has been the action has been hit and miss. The wave was an utter disappointment, but the fight with Motoyasu, the race against him, and this episode’s fight with the Nue have shown us the show is getting better.

On The Fence

So, About The People Introduced In The Last Episode

We were introduced to an industrial kingdom, some secret army, and despite all the traveling we see this episode, none of those people appear. On the one hand, it’s understandable since Filo had to be developed, but with Naofumi traveling as he does, I hope he ends up in that location so that plot point doesn’t fall off. Especially since there seemed to be a balance of power thing going on.

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