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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Those Awaiting a Star 2

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star doesn’t provide you extra details, per se, but does deliver a touching and tear-inducing story.

Part 1: The Difficulty of Raising Chise

Somewhere between episode 1 and episode two of The Ancient Magus’ Bride we are. In this, we learn Chise is quite studious and meet the character Ruth. A shapeshifter who usually walks around in dog form. On this day, she discovers a book from Angelica which triggers a memory. One which leads to a story time.

A story which, as with most of Chise’s past, isn’t necessarily a happy one. It features her mother dying, her aunt not wanting her, because her fear of the monsters she saw made things difficult, and her often being alone. That is, until she stumbles upon a library in the forest.

Part 2: The Library of the Forest

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Those Awaiting a Star 3

Said library is run by Riichi. Someone who seems a bit weird and you almost want to assume is evil. However, the only evil one might be Chise’s aunt who leaves her uncle over Chise. But, luckily, in the library, Chise can forget all the problems which sour her life. For, like Belle in Beauty in the Beast, the library is her refuge from the monsters who lurk around every corner.

Part 3: Spring Will Be Missed

Of which aren’t just her family who don’t even seek to understand why Chise is so odd. It is also this rat demon or apparition. One which follows Chise into the library, thanks to Chise finding a way in, after Riichi tried to keep her out. Leading to every book getting eating and a huge piece of Riichi being ripped out. Leading to him not being mad, but certainly asking for one request.

Said request? He wants her to help return a book for him. One he borrowed decades ago but, with him trapped in the library, he couldn’t return. Said book, “Spring Will Be Missed” belonged to a girl named Mayumi. Someone who may have had mutual feelings for Riichi but, with him becoming trapped within the library, known as Mayoiga, he never got to meet up with her and maybe see if something could happen.

But, Chise returns the book and fulfills the request. Leaving Mayumi with warm feelings, in her old age, but sadly this doesn’t lead to happiness for Chise. No sooner than she returns to the apartment she is being shipped off to someone else.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. When will we meet Ruth in the series?
  2. Can these beings Chise see physically do anything to those who can’t see them?


The Difficulties of Raising a Child Who Sees Things, Much less Being One

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Those Awaiting a Star 4

Sadly, it isn’t clear when Chise began seeing things, but it is made clear that during the time period of adolescence, she was not in any way used to it. The odd-looking monsters scared her off from eating, sleeping, and one could even argue that by giving birth to Chise, perhaps her mom gained the sight as well.

And following that, you have to understand how the trauma of these monsters maybe pushing your mother over the edge makes you fearful about talking about them. That if you convince someone they

Acknowledgement That Not All Beings are Friendly

In the series which follows this OVA, it isn’t established whether there are many out there who may seek to hurt Chise. We know the faeries would love to have her to themselves, and she gets kidnapped in episode 2, but we don’t see the threat of the rat demon like in the OVA. Leading me to wonder, how much is Chise in danger? With her being a rare being, surely those of the other world may want her for more than amusement. They may want her for taste. If not to get back at Elias for whatever he may have done in the eons he might have lived.

On The Fence

It Doesn’t Fill In The Gaps

I was really hoping the OVA would have filled in Chise’s backstory and made it so, watching the series, I’d feel less in the dark. Like I was missing something. Yet, the OVA pretty much doesn’t dive too deep into Chise’s past. It fills in some of the information the flashbacks of the series doesn’t divulge into, but not much else.

Though, with that said, I must admit the Riichi story got me a little teary-eyed. If only because he was probably one of the few people nice to Chise in her life. Perhaps a faraway star which made her world a little brighter.

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societyreviews October 17, 2017 - 1:55 PM

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… A sports anime? That be a first for me.


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