Owarimonogatari: Season 2/ Episode 1 “Mayoi Hell” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Arguably one of the greatest anime series returns and while as verbose as ever, Owarimonogatari makes you feel like being welcomed home. Collected Quote(s) […] she doesn’t know everything, but knows only what she knows, and exposed truths she didn’t need to, and because she forgot truths that she didn’t have to forget, we went…

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Arguably one of the greatest anime series returns and while as verbose as ever, Owarimonogatari makes you feel like being welcomed home.

Collected Quote(s)

[…] she doesn’t know everything, but knows only what she knows, and exposed truths she didn’t need to, and because she forgot truths that she didn’t have to forget, we went through reckless shortcuts and impossible detours this whole time.

If I were to come across the same situation again, I’m sure I would do the same thing over and over again. But no matter what I do, I can’t deny the feeling that I could have done it better.

Most people are eager to correct mistakes more than doing the right thing, right?

Avici Hell: Koyomi, Hachikuji

Thanks to Gaen, Koyomi died and went to the lowest level of hell. A place he finds Hachikuji in. As for why they both ended up in hell? Well, for Koyomi it was aiding demons and as for Hachikuji? Apparently, a child dying before their parent is a grave offense.

But, with them being reunited, and it being a while since we saw Koyomi, outside of the Shinobu origin trilogy (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), we walk down memory lane. Hachikuji brings up all of the major events previous and it is asked whether Koyomi regrets and of his decisions? Really pushing him to question his resolve.  Of which, he says he doesn’t regret anything besides not handling the situation better. Otherwise, he’d repeat every major action from saving Shinobu and Senjyogahara to what happened with Sengoku.


I loved that we had a little recap of Koyomi’s story thus far. For while I still have a grip on the major events, who doesn’t like a reminder when a season premiere happens? Especially since it has been over a year since Koyomimonogatari.


With that said, I sort of want to look into what Avici hell is. For there was a moment I was using the interpretation of hell I know of which is it being filled with your regrets and failures. So with seeing Shinobu and the rest, it made me wonder if sometimes Koyomi regretted how quick his body would act before his mind would develop a strategy. However, as the quote above shows, while the first move may have been impetuous, he tried his best to follow it up with thought and some type of strategy.

Hence why, though often barely, he survived until Gaen murdered him.

Back To Life: Teori, Hachikuji, Koyomi

It seems the goal with killing Koyomi was to hit a reset button. His vampiric nature had been amplified thanks to all the battles he was in and they had to make him human once more. Otherwise, those in Gaen’s network could no longer label him as harmless and would have to let someone take action. However, with him being of great help, even if he caused some of the situations, losing such an asset wouldn’t be ideal.

Hence the murder and now Teori being part of the resurrection. However, it must be noted that he was tasked with killing Koyomi/Shinobu at one time. The reason? Well, one could assume it was because he was being pushed closer and closer to being a vampire. One not like the friendly and controllable Shinobu we have seen in the series but how Kiss-Shot is in the movies. Someone who rips limbs off and gores humans indiscriminately.


Though, when it comes to Ougi, who gave Teori the request since he isn’t in Gaen’s network, who knows? All we know is that Koyomi feels a bit uncomfortable being revived only because he questions whether or not he is deserving. Something that thoroughly pisses Hachikuji off. But, in Koyomi’s mind it seems, wouldn’t she be a better candidate to come back? She is but a child. However, she is planning [note]More so wouldn’t mind becoming[/note] to maybe be become Koyomi’s daughter in the next life so she’d rather not have Koyomi worry about her.


I’m struggling with remembering who Teori is and it makes losing the old website an old pang which won’t go away. For while it is understood he is the creator of Yotsugi, and someone who works outside of Gaen’s network, I feel like there is more to him I just can’t remember.

But what perhaps matters the most is Ougi asking for the killing of Koyomi. Which is odd since she was just hanging out with Koyomi, in the last season, like they were at least cordial. However, when it comes to Ougi, who really knows the truth behind their thoughts. I’ve long been under the impression they were an apparition or something evil. Making the multiple confirmations that she is in fact Meme Oshino’s niece a bit baffling.

Back to Reality: Gaen, Hachikuji, Koyomi, Kiss-Shot

With what Gaen did to Koyomi, and the purpose of it, not being known to many, when Kiss-Shot is freed from Koyomi’s shadow she is ready to kill Gaen. However, then Koyomi appears back in reality — with Hachikuji. Someone who wasn’t meant to come back and with her last appearance bringing about that nothingness apparition, this is slightly worrisome. However, Gaen figures she can act as a lore so it is okay for now.

So, with that said, Koyomi is told to focus on his college entrance exams.


0053 2

I often forget the rules when it comes to Kiss-Shot/Shinobu and Koyomi’s pact. Especially as their relationship evolved. For I was under the impression that when he dies, she dies. Either due to their connection or because she’d become hunted as soon as Koyomi didn’t have some sort of reigns on her. Much less, considering Shinobu is in sunlight during this episode, but was burning in the movies, I can only assume it is because she is at full strength at the moment. Meaning she can handle sunlight through the filtered trees.

Leading to the question, with Koyomi “reset” does that mean Kiss-Shot is free? What makes her into Shinobu is being drained of her blood to the point she is just able to function. So with her seemingly getting all of her blood and powers back, what does that mean for the future? It isn’t likely she’ll abandon Koyomi for she has grown fond of him, but even with being deemed harmless, surely trouble is going to come when she needs to feed.



  • The return of Hachikuji
  • The usual wild, long winded, yet quotable, monologues of the series.

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