Netsuzou Trap: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Trap 3: Shall We Practice Again” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt right? Well, in Netsuzou Trap’s case, someone possibly gets raped.

Caught In The Act: Fujiwara, Takeda, Yuma, Hatoru

It’s winter time and Yuma’s parents are under the impression just she and Hatoru are going to some resort alone. That’s a lie. For both of their boyfriends are invited. Which naturally leads Hatoru to think she is finally going to have sex with Takeda.

Thus leading to her getting frisky with Yuma to “practice.” However, as before, while Yuma gets weird thoughts she is highly uncomfortable. Though things go bad to worse when Fujiwara catches Hatoru and Yuma fooling around and uses that against Hatoru. For, so it seems, Hatoru may have been flirting with Fujiwara for a while but they may not have done anything.

So, with Yuma, on the first night there, backing out of the couples sharing rooms, Fujiwara essentially blackmails Hatoru so that they can be alone. Which, of course, also means Yuma and Takeda to be alone as well.


Who wants to make a bet that despite all this experience Yuma thinks Hatoru has, that isn’t the case? To me, Hatoru is probably just a big flirt and it doesn’t go past that. Well, except with Yuma of course who, in my head, maybe the only person she may be comfortable with. You know, in terms of exploring her sexuality with another person.

Which, I know, makes light of how sexually aggressive she is. For Yuma even notes she feared Hatoru may rape her in this episode. However, it forces me to revisit what was noted in episode 2. This idea that Hatoru reclaims the power over her sexuality with Yuma. The idea that, maybe Yuma has had it all wrong. Maybe Hatoru isn’t the one flirting with all these guys but they are flirting with her. After all, as Yuma notes, Hatoru is this small girl with a sizable bosom. So just imagine you are this quiet girl, who often got bullied, doesn’t fit in well but suddenly get all these cute guys attention. The kind which is all consuming to the point your only real friend becomes a small part of your life.

I’d assume eventually you would want to reclaim your power back and, being this isn’t some show about empowerment, we watch it get done through a horrible mean. That is, through Hatoru taking Yuma’s sexual autonomy to give herself her own. But, even with that said, I can’t downplay the idea feelings may not be involved. The question is though, with Yuma, are these thoughts from Hatoru being the first one who has been intimate with her or something genuine and natural? Then with Hatoru, is this all to keep Yuma wrapped around her finger, to be in power during a sexual situation, or her trying to experience a safe, maybe mutual, and loving sexual experience?

For, jumping back to the idea of her taking her power back, there is this fear in the back of my head that Hatoru is kind of used to guys like Fujiwara. The kind who probably know of Hatoru’s rumored reputation so they are trying to get in line. Which is why he goes as far to blackmail her because he is tired of waiting. He wants to see if she lives up the hype jealous girls, and obnoxious guys, probably placed on her.

And who knows, maybe Hatoru has done something before. However, I get this vibe that she was either coerced into it or was in that unfortunate position a lot of girls experience. That is, thinking the guy maybe like Takeda, friendly, someone you can date long term, but ends up like Fujiwara. Someone who basically is only being as nice as it takes for you to take your bra and underwear off.

Making, perhaps, all these aggressive and rapey moves how Hatoru is prepping Yuma for the worse. For the stuff she went through and thinks Yuma might as well. Which I know sounds twisted, but I am over analyzing what basically is a few blurs away from being considered hentai.

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