Ririna asking if Yukari may choose Misaki (Takasaki)

Despite the intrigue Shuu seemingly was going to present, in the end, we are still waiting for Yukari to make a decision. Notice or not.

Wedding Invite: Yukari, Nisaka

Koi to Uso Love and Lies Season 1 Episode 10 “A Love To Give Everything For”

To put it simply, Yukari, and whoever he wishes to invite, are invited to come to Nisaka’s older brother’s wedding. Which will probably be the focus of the next episode.

Shuu and The Notice System: Shuu, Yukari, Ririna, Yajima

Despite Shuu making it seem she was going to bring some real intrigue to the show, that was just a ruse. All we learn is that her grandmother came up with the notification system. That and she is a genius, as well as many in the ministry giving her free roam so that maybe she’d take over when she gets older. Now, as for the whole “Takasaki and Yukari are meant to be together?” Well, she backs down from that when confronted by Yajima.

For while she got smitten with the idea the same way Ririna did, it isn’t in the same way. Shuu doesn’t understand Yukari’s appeal and it seems her investment doesn’t go past wanting to see Takasaki happy. Much less witness the moments this facade Takasaki had, which Shuu hated, get let down. Making it appear she probably isn’t so invested in the two of them to the point she’d use her knowledge to mess with the system to send that fateful text. Thus leaving Yukari back at square one and Ririna once again put on notice.

Leaving us still wondering who, in the long run, will Yukari choose? He compliments both girls and seems no closer to a definite decision. Though, it seems Ririna may be inching closer to throwing her hat in the ring. If only because it is brought up that since Ririna and Yukari made up, maybe even since they started being friends, Ririna has changed her disposition at school. Hence why she made multiple new friends and even girls she doesn’t know come up to her asking for help in math. Things she hasn’t taken notice of, but only recently has she really even acknowledged she may have feelings for Yukari at all.

So, whether or not she may fight for herself, and her potential relationship with Yukari, or will still root for another young woman, who knows? Either way, it is still up to Yukari to either go along with the notice system or follow his heart. Something Yajima seems increasingly jealous he has the ability to choose.

On The Fence

So Are We Going To Be Given Reason To Invest In Either of Yukari’s Potential Relationships?

Koi to Uso Love and Lies Season 1 Episode 10 “A Love To Give Everything For” 3

This episode provided details which I’m trying to understand how they may affect the end result of this anime. On one hand, we meet another member of Nisaka’s family and that wedding may put things in perspective for Yukari. Yet, at the same time, he may just imagine both Ririna and Takasaki being married to him and may not come closer to any real decision.

Then, with this Shuu backstory, I fail to even fathom what that was about. If she owned up to messing with the system, that’d be one thing. Especially if she was willing to argue with Yajima on the failings of the system her grandmother made. However, with her almost complete indifference in terms of the system and what happens between Yukari and Takasaki, I throw my hands in the air.

Making that last part of the episode, when Yukari and Ririna are holding hands, and she grips his, perhaps the sole positive step forward. Since there has been this question of whether Ririna may ever step up and try to compete for Yukari. Especially since, thus far, she has done nothing but pushed Yukari toward Takasaki’s direction. Yet, with how much she is changing, and people are noting it, maybe this might be the push she needs? Could it be, with how much she is learning about Yukari, she might actually be falling for him now? To be honest, I just want someone to make a move.

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