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Knights and Magic remains the only show I can think of which can introduce new kinds of beings and have battles, yet remain a bore.

Alfheim and The Alvs: Ernie, Olver

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Once again Ernie performs miracles by, nearly, single-handedly defeating the shell cased beast’s queen who, for unknown reasons, decides to attack Alfheim — where Ether Reactors are solely made. That is, alongside a horde of their followers. With him defeating that, he is granted access to Alfheim to learn how Ether Reactors are made. Leading to why those known as “The Changing Ones” don’t know the art: Because it is something Alvs are uniquely equipped to do.

You see, Alvs, like Olver [note]Who we learn is 87[/note], are bunny looking people who live to around 500 years. Over that period of time, within their first 200 are their prime years where many do the labor required to learn and master the creation of Ether Reactors. Yet, as usual, Ernie learns it all at drastic speeds. 3 months to be exact. Something which surprises their Great Elder, Kitley [note]Who we saw at the end of the last episode.[/note].

As for working around the need for catalyst crystals, which allow the Alvs to do the inscriptions and such, Ernie just uses his mini knights to combat that problem. Making it seem the whole, “No Changing One is capable of making Ether Reactors” seemingly because none were allowed to learn or try.


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As for who or what are the Secret Ones? Olver doesn’t say.

Okay, if something takes Ernie three months to learn, how long would it take Workshop Chief Geist or someone similar? Right now, I would love a gauge on how much of a genius Ernie is. If only because him being a combat savant and an engineering genius, despite the tech being different materials than our world, is leading to major side eye for me.

That aside, I really do hope that when Great Elder Kitley said that we’d meet her again, that wasn’t a lie. For with how vulnerable and essential the Alv people are, they need to be seen once again in my opinion. Especially since, if they get attacked, it pretty much cripples the eastern kingdoms. Add on I’d love to know more about their people, and whether there are other humanesque folk out there.

The Birth of Ikaruga: Ernie

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With learning how to create Ether Reactors, and King Ambrosius giving Ernie the catalyst crystals of the beetle behemoth and queen shell case, he creates Ikaruga. The custom mech Ernie has likely always dreamed of.

Perhaps leading you to think it is all over? After all, what is left? Ah, but then Nora comes around reminding us that there remains the Raiders from so many episodes back. Who very well may be planning a strike of some kind. Leaving us with something to look forward to.


Crunchyroll Watch Knight’s Magic Episode 8 Secret Quest Google Chrome 8 20 2017 1 57 21 PM Crunchyroll Watch Knight’s Magic Episode 8 Secret Quest Google Chrome 8 20 2017 1 57 30 PM

I need Kerhilt to return. I’m glad we got to learn all about Ether Reactors, in perhaps the most boring way imaginable, but now I need this show to have a villain. Some real kind of obstacle for to have someone who has to be 300+ years old, and spends all her time thinking, be wrong about Ernie, much less him learn everything he needs to know in three months, isn’t amazing. If anything, it shows how pressed for time this show is. It is making it so if Ernie ever really loses, honestly anything less than death would be unbelievable. And considering all these modifications, and his accident when he went into some hyper drive speed not injuring him, I doubt the boy is going to die.

And yet, I strangely don’t feel like dropping this. Granted, thinking about watching this drives me to a nap, but watching this is pretty much part of my Sunday routine now. But I do hope this show ends with some kind of bang. For while I’ll admit that all this media I have been running through over the last few weeks has gotten me numb a little bit, it seems I’m not the only one who thinks this show really isn’t living up to its potential. So with, what, maybe 4 or 5 episodes left, here is hoping now that Ernie got his dream machine, something, or someone, has something to challenge it.

Other Noteworthy Moments

Crunchyroll Watch Knight’s Magic Episode 8 Secret Quest Google Chrome 8 20 2017 1 59 03 PM
Addy seems to want to be closer to Ernie outside of being friends. Yet he is completely oblivious.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Do the eastern kingdoms have any meaningful interactions with the western kingdom at all? Such as trade? Or is it the west leave the east alone since they are the primary defense against the beasts?



  • Learning how Ether Reactors are made.
  • Meeting the Alv people.
  • The possibility of Kerhilt returning. Even if her Silhouette Knight being an outdated model at this point.

Low Points

  • Ernie doing the impossible, once again, without much in the way of issues.

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  1. Only low IQ morons can’t get into a show like this. Some kids builds mechs. That’s the draw, and everyone ignoring that is missing the point.

  2. You got this out fast. I’m going to be honest and admit I just skimmed this given I won’t get to watch the episode until I get home from work this evening. I’ll come back and give this a better read then.

    1. Because so little is happening with these Sunday animes. Though, it could just be the spring was so good that the summer shows, in comparison, just seem drab, shallow, or like poor imitations.

      1. I have to agree that I’m just not finding a lot to love this season. Princess Principal and My Hero Academia are about the only two I would really recommend out of the line up. There’s other shows I am enjoying, more for the they aren’t as bad as expected quality, but there’s little else that I’ll remember after the season ends.
        Of course, a lot of the shows I had thought about watching just aren’t available so maybe this anime season is awesome but just not accessible.

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