Knight’s and Magic: Season 1/ Episode 7 “New & Old” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The majority of the episode is dedicated to Ernie’s order fighting the lab and which follows maybe the next thing worth getting excited about.

The Exhibition

As usual, Ernie’s team have the most impressive display but, as King Ambrosius notes, what Ernie often presents is unrefined. It’s revolutionary, there is no taking that from him. However, as shown, what Ernie does pushes the limits of the silhouette knight’s ability without much thought of long term use. Hence why he does well in the battle for his team is going against humans. Knights who let Ernie have the initial upper hand due to the surprise of his knights being on four legs, damn near flying, and having interestingly custom armor.

However, in the end, the battle is seen as a triumph for Ernie’s designs but also a draw. For with Ernie’s Knights running out of mana, they couldn’t battle for that much longer. With that said though, none of his knights were taken down.


As Olver notes, it seems King Ambrosius only real goal with the exhibition was putting Workshop Chief Geist on notice. To perhaps inspire passion in his own work vs. just doing what he has likely been doing for years. Which we see when he runs up to Ernie and they talk shop. A very cute, and I’m sure affirming, moment for Ernie. And while Geist still may not be that fond of Ernie, I think it is no longer in the form of seeing him as some peep squeak. I think he sees him as perhaps someone he can pass the torch to. Though, only when that torch is ripped from Geist’s dead and clammy hands.

A New King & A New Enemy: Ambrosius, Ernie, Emrys

At 60 years of age and after a 36-year reign, King Ambrosius has decided to end his reign and let his son Leotamus be king. This pushes up his grandson Emrys to the crown prince and seemingly will start a very dull period in the kingdom. At least, the utter lack of focus on Leotamus and comparisons between Ambrosius and Emrys hint at that.

Though, while the new king may be boring, the enemy on the horizon surely doesn’t seem so. It is what might be a woman or a human-esque demon, and they seem ready to make a move. Something which, with Emrys taking a liking to Ernie, and having him build him, and his grandfather, custom knights, could mean we may actually get some action and a storyline going again.

All the while wondering what happened to Kerhilt?


Sometimes I wish this show wasn’t on Sunday because it is so dry that just looking at its title puts me to sleep. If only because us learning the history of Ernie sometimes gets as boring as sitting in a middle school history class. You know the kind. With that teacher who seemingly had no personal life, seemed miserable, and gave the driest of lectures? That is how I feel about this show for we don’t really get characters that pop on here.

Yeah, Ernie and his friends are likable, but what are the challenges and obstacles they go through? What is it that shows why these Silhouette Knights are so important and the walls of the kingdom are so high? We know demons exist, and people like Kerhilt, but they have played what feels like a minor role on the show. Leaving us often without a villain or something to overcome. Making this show on the level of a fantasy slice of life with mecha elements. A rather boring experience if you ask me.

So here is hoping whoever this new possible villain is, that she is interesting or at least presents a real challenge to Ernie. One that doesn’t have some DBZ type writing where he gets knocked down and comes back twice as strong. But how else could and would this show progress at this point?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How many kingdoms exist?



  • The battles between Ernie and the lab, alongside Emrys and Ambrosius,

On The Fence

  • The need to question if mock battles compensate for no real consistent villain presence or obstacles for Ernie to overcome?


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