Juni Taisen (Zodiac War): Season 1/ Episode 11 “To Treat a Man to Beef From His Own Cow” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 11 “To Treat a Man to Beef From His Own Cow” – Usagi
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Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 11 “To Treat a Man to Beef From His Own Cow” – Usagi

To some surprise, we won’t have to wait until the finale to learn who wins the 12th Juni Taisen – it’s in this episode.

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The Final Battle: Nezumi, Ushii, Usagi, Sharyu

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 11 “To Treat a Man to Beef From His Own Cow” – Nezumi

With the death of Tora, so comes old memories of Ushii triggering which remind him, “Oh yeah, I do know you.” But, no sooner than he finds himself pondering about the fruitlessness of battle, does Usagi creep up, in some mega mutant zombie form, and they face off. However, unbeknownst to him, the reason for Usagi’s expanded size isn’t because of who knows whose parts he is made of. Nope, it is because Sharyu was hiding in there and when Usagi begins to be on the losing end of the battle, she pops up to hold him down.

Leading to Nezumi finally reappearing, after who knows how many episodes, and holding Tsujiie’s grenade. Something Sharyu, back when she was still alive, told him about in case she ever did become a zombie. So, with Ushii pinned down by Sharyu, with no means of going anywhere, and Usagi trying to reform, Nezumi asks if Ushii has any final words. Of which, with him having none, the grenade is activated and Nezumi goes safely to the sewers.

I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Let You Go Until You Answer My Question: Duodecuple, Nezumi

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 11 “To Treat a Man to Beef From His Own Cow” – Duodecuple

Well, that’s all folks and all that is left is an exit interview – which Nezumi refuses to do. So, Duodecuple ends up putting him through almost every way he could possibly die until he gets his answer. For he is rather curious how did Nezumi end up winning. Of which, it seems it was just intellect. One which is that of a master strategist who went through about 100 different ways to win and solely found one. A way which required a bit of luck.

An answer Duodecuple is satisfied with so he lets him go. Though not before reminding Nezumi of his wish. Which, as of now, the only thing Nezumi wishes to do is go to sleep.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • This was the 12th Juni Taisen
  • Goboken is the name of Ushii’s saber

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, who of the many worlds making bets won and what did they win?
  2. Are we not going to get Usagi and Ushii’s backstory then? Much less Nezumi’s?
  3. What in the hell is Duodecuple?
  4. What was Sharyu’s plan to end the battle peacefully?


Nezumi and Duodecuple

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 11 “To Treat a Man to Beef From His Own Cow” – Duodecuple

Strangely, I kind of dug Nezumi being caught, repeatedly, in an endless cycle of dying until he answered Duedeculpe’s questions. It was perhaps the first time in a while I didn’t feel like I was watching this because I already made it this far. The repeated deaths were comical and the interview, with Nezumi having a sort of Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes sort of explanation to his win, was quite interesting. To the point, while it didn’t make up for all that has happened thus far, it does make me glad he ultimately was the one who won.


My God Was It Boring to Listen to Ushii Talk

I could barely deal with Ushii’s philosophies on life and battle in the last episode. In this one, it made me just hope that he wouldn’t walk through the battlefield, looking for Nezumi or Usagi, while recapping what happened thus far. For the man is just dull. Not even dull, but sort of cool, but just the kind of character who, with him being such a renowned soldier, kind of comes off as a disappointment overall.

But, hey he is dead now so one less thing to worry about.

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  1. I don’t know how they managed it but even the final fight of the tournament was dull. Nezumi’s interview was a bit more interesting but there’s one more episode with the whole wish thing and I’m just over this show. I am literally only going to watch the final episode so I can do a series review but the whole thing has been so dull without a single twist to the formula as right to the end they died in order.

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