Juni Taisen (Zodiac War): Season 1/ Episode 10 “A Tiger May Die, But It Leaves It’s Skin” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Juni Taisen Season 1 Episode 10 A Tiger May Die, But It Leaves It’s Skin - Ushii

Juni Taisen tries to go deeper, bring about some emotion and really make a death count. But is it too little too late?

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The Sober Months: Ushii, Tora


As we saw before, the battlefield broke Tora and made her into a drunk. One which tried to drown away her sorrows and almost put her body on auto-pilot to do whatever job she was tasked to do. Yet, Ushii saving her from an ambush, since he thought she was a civilian, turned her life around. His long-winded philosophy about how righteousness requires intent also helps.

Leading her to seemingly, well not outright go sober. When she learns about the Juni Taisen from a friend, she drinks. But, it seems she now drinks in moderation and in a weird way, to see him again, that is why she joins the Juni Taisen. For otherwise, how else would she ever get to see him one on one?

YOU FORGOT!: Ushii, Tora

But here comes the problem, Ushii doesn’t remember Tora – genuinely. Which is why she comes off as having such a beef with him. Much less part of the reason why she wanted a duel.

The Last Moments of the Tiger: Usagi, Ushii, Tora

Juni Taisen Season 1 Episode 10 A Tiger May Die, But It Leaves It’s Skin - Tora

One which ends up not happening since even in death, Usagi can control the dead. Something which Ushii tries to explain but at this point, him talking seems to just be to fill up the episode. Not to illuminate this really cool or twisted skill Usagi may have, which deals with biting off his tongue, but just using his lifeless way of speaking to fill up time.

But, there is some attempt at bringing some emotion to this all by Tora sacrificing herself to save Ushii. The man who gave her a new lease on life. Then, later on, she asks him to kill her. Just so that she doesn’t end up like the many other soldiers who died at the hands of Usagi. A wish Ushii fulfills.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, where is Nezumi at?

Collected Quote(s)

Righteousness cannot exist without intent.


Tell Me When It Is Over

Juni Taisen Season 1 Episode 10 A Tiger May Die, But It Leaves It’s Skin - Tora

A part of me wants to appreciate the show trying to bring some emotion to Juni Taisen. The problem is, we’re damn near at the end and they are using one character we just got to know and another who is an utter mystery. Much less, who talked so damn much in such a lifeless way it was giving me Re:Creators flashbacks.

For, I don’t know about you, but Ushii’s philosophy on righteousness sounded so pompous. To the point that him being the one to make Tora care about her life didn’t even make me roll my eyes. Since I honestly am just counting the episodes.

After all, what else is there to do? We have two episodes left, only two participants still alive, well three if you count Usagi’s corpse which, I won’t even pretend like I can wrap my head around how he is still some form of living. And really, the only thing that there is to look forward to is maybe Usagi’s backstory and Nezumi’s. However, with the way the episode preview makes things seem, sadly we’ll probably just learn Ushii’s. Then, in the final episode, we’ll get an anti-climactic conclusion to one of the dullest action anime you may have ever seen.

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