As Lev makes a breakthrough with Irina, the government struggles with what to do with her past launch, among other internal matters.

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As Lev makes a breakthrough with Irina, the government struggles with what to do with her past launch, among other internal matters.

Aired 10/17/2021
Network Funimation
Directed By Yasuhiro Geshi
Written By Takayo Ikami

Newly Noted


Roza (Komatsu Mikako)

Roza (Komatsu Mikako) talking negatively about Irina
Roza (Komatsu Mikako)

One of the cosmonaut pilots who has a strong distaste for Irina.

Mikhail (Hino Satoshi)

One of the cosmonaut pilots who leans towards being friendly like we often see Lev.

Gergiev (Ogata Ken`ichi)

Gergiev is the head of the Zirnitra Union.


The Trouble In The Capital – Gergiev

While reports are encouraging in Sangrad, Zirnitra Union’s capital, the question of what to do with her after splits parliament. Though with a failed ICBM launch that killed 500 people, Irina quickly is made into an afterthought.

Humans Are Bothersome – Roza, Mikhail, Lev, Anya, Irina

During Lev’s day off, all he can think about is how to help Irina’s fear of heights, but as any good teacher would, he doesn’t convey this when he runs into Roza, Mikhail, and the others. Though, considering how rude Roza is, including mentioning how he isn’t training to be a cosmonaut anymore, why would he? Now, granted, Mikhail is nicer, but it is clear where Mikhail’s loyalties lay, so there is no real getting close to him.

Mikhail (Hino Satoshi) being noted as one of the pilots for the cosmonaut program
Mikhail (Hino Satoshi)

However, while Lev struggles to connect with humans, Anya is trying her damndest to make sure Irina connects with her. Not just because Irina is losing weight, which is a little worrisome, but also due to her liking Irina – in a platonic way. This is a bit jarring for Irina, but she eases into the idea of accepting it.

You’re Getting Too Close – Irina, Lev, Anya

After all, Anya and Lev have presented themselves as an exception. Anya is friendly, and Lev is a good teacher/ mentor and even friend. But, that creates a bit of a problem, for there is a need to wonder if Lev is getting too close and too invested. Especially considering Irina is still dealing with having to leave her people because of humans and how upper management speaks on handling Irina if she survives space and the return to the planet.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  • It has only been ten days since Irina’s training started, and the planned launch is in March for her and April for the official cosmonauts to go into space.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What were the circumstances surrounding Irina becoming N44? It doesn’t seem like her people fought to keep her, and she may have even willingly left.

What Could Happen Next

  1. I hope we get more into Irina’s life before training, because there is definitely something there we have yet to be told.



Irina’s Relationships

What might become a running highlight is Irina’s relationships. Mainly since they challenge her perception of humans, and the way Anya and Lev treat her leads to her being at her best. Anya’s affection warms her up, and Lev’s encourages her in a way that might very well be foreign. And it is through these relationships that, if something bad happens, I’m sure fans will definitely be in their feelings.

Low Points

The Political Side

Gergiev (Ogata Ken'ichi) during a meeting
Gergiev (Ogata Ken’ichi)

Straight up, I don’t see why anyone would care about what is going on in Gergiev’s government beyond the possibility of them executing Irina. Heck, even expand that to Roza and Mikhail, their prejudice is boring and takes away from the show’s selling point. Which makes whenever the show switches to them a saddening few minutes.

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Irina excited during her first flight
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Irina's Relationships
The Political Side

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