How Not To Summon a Demon Lord: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Demon Lord’s Resurrection” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Krebskulm is born and it is kind of a letdown – at least until it becomes clear who will try to use her to bring an end to mortal kind.

Director(s) Yūta Murano
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Air Date 9/6/2018
Characters Introduced
Krebskulm (aka Klem) Tanezaki Atsumi
Eulerex ?

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The Shocker: Edelgard, Diablo, Rem

When it comes to resurrecting Krebskulm, the task is not easy. Diablo is coercing a demon, not necessarily ready to come forth, into being. Hence why him just pressing on her abdomen, using the skills he learned in episode 6 isn’t enough. Per Edelgard, he has to go further. I’m talking, being inside Rem further. Specifically, he might have to give her the shocker. Which, for the uninformed, is basically the use of three fingers, the middle, pointer, and pinky, used usually to please a lady but, in this case, for Diablo to get closer to the energy of Krebskulm.

Which leads to your usual ecchi, should this be considered NSFW, moments. As well as the birth of Krebskulm.


Shera feigning covering her eyes.

With the way Edelgard talked in the last episode, and considering what Diablo had to do, was Rem technically pregnant in a way? Because, with Diablo having to put his fingers inside of her, like a gynecologist, it pushes the idea that Krebskulm was growing inside her waiting to eventually be born. Which leads to the question, how exactly was Krebskulm born? She didn’t come out of Rem’s vagina nor did we see her come out of another orifice. Which makes this situation strange because, you’d think she would burst through or tear something. Not just burst out like she teleported from inside Rem to on top of a wall. Like she was playing hide and seek.

There Can Only Be One: Eulerex, Krebskulm, Edelgard, Diablo

It seems Krebskulm is, well, underdeveloped – take that as you will. She is by no means the huge size we have often seen and is probably around the size of Rem. Which takes everyone by surprise but what makes things odder is Krebskulm is childlike. I’m talking like an impressionable child. One who, when told she shouldn’t destroy all mortals, is easily persuaded not to. Which is fine by Edelgard, since she purely serves Krebskulm’s will. However, when it comes to Eulerex, a being who swoops in out of nowhere, who has served two generations of demon lords, this is unacceptable.

Leading to him, or it, desiring to kill Krebskulm but Diablo stops him. In fact, they have a bit of a battle – nothing to get too excited about, that leaves Eulerex reeling and revealing interesting tidbits. Such as Diablo’s ring belonging to the Demon Lord of the Mind, Enkvaros. Someone who has, thus far, only been beaten by Diablo – yet not in the timeline of the Cross Reverie he is playing in.

Pushing you to wonder, if demon lords have specific talents, like how Enkvaros was demon lord of the mind, what is Krebskulm? Also, how many others are there? Especially considering Eulerex has served two generations of demon lords which pushes you to think, if he has only served two, who came before him? This is alongside many other questions.

But, in the long run, Diablo’s power both confuses and scares Eulerex off so Krebskulm, nicknamed Klem, is safe.


Krebskulm being revealed and not matching how often spoken about.
“That’s Krebskulm?!”

There are two episodes left and we barely have seen any of this world or gotten to really experience the culture – what a waste. On top of that, it still isn’t clear why this dude is trapped in Cross Reverie and the whole idea of getting those slave collars off has become an afterthought. Add in they made Krebskulm this overpowered child who is easily manipulated and it really pushes you to wonder if this season may end strong. Since, outside of the fights, nothing has been consistently good. Even the emotional moments, those get paired with the kind of ecchi which makes it so you feel compelled to turn down the volume a bit. Just in case someone walks by.

A Conflicted Mortal: Alicia, Edelgard, Shera, Rem, Diablo, Krebskulm

Since episode 6, Alicia has been one to side eye. Her involvement with Rem and Diablo has never seemed that normal. This episode, in particular, kicks things up to the next level as she realizes Krebskulm isn’t going to wipe out mortal kind and she seems upset. Even talking to Edelgard as if she expects her to do something, anything, because Rem and Shera are making Krebskulm never mind doing anything violent.

And we learn that the reason Alicia is so shocked, upset even, is because all the hardship she went through to become a knight, and taking note of the people of power, she wants them wiped out. So she plans on finding some way to trigger Krebskulm, nicknamed Klem, into being the big bad monster she was born to be. One way or the other.


Alicia saying she will make Krebskulm fulfill her duty.
Alicia: I need the Demon Lord to fulfill the Demon Lord’s duty.

I’m not even going to talk about how Klem and Shera rubbed themselves up on Diablo so he can regain his MP. Because, with Klem being rather childlike, it makes the situation as creepy and uncomfortable as when Diablo assaulted Sylvie. But, what do you expect with a show which wants to be a quality action show one minute, occasionally dive into the emotions of a character another, but also wants some softcore hentai which gives just enough to tantalize. Not enough to not be on mainstream platforms, but enough for those who don’t know of or are afraid to go to an XXX site, they have something to pique their interest.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord’s identity crisis aside, Alicia being twisted and the return of Saddler is, ok? With Saddler being handled fairly easily him getting a rematch doesn’t really push much excitement. Then, when it comes to Alicia, while it was clear something was off for quite a few episodes, some grainy flashback montage isn’t enough. Surely more could have been done or were they trying to be subtle? For, all I’m saying is, all the time they dedicated to Shera’s breasts bouncing or rubbing up against someone could have been spent on making it so this show doesn’t end feeling rushed and concluding on a whimper.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • From what we’re told, Eulerex is one of the oldest and strongest fallen.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering Eulerex has lived through two generations of demon lords, what happened to the last one? Did humanity find a way to kill the last demon lord?
  2. Taking note Diablo says he took out Enkvaros, is the timeline of what he did connected, in any way, to the timeline of his current playthrough?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Eulerex turning his head in confusion.


  1. While Saddler coming back for another round, and Alicia being revealed to be off kilter was lackluster, us getting to see a bit of the trauma she went through to become a knight was nice. Alongside seeing how those are currently in power being, for a lack of a better term, bad people.

Low Points

  1. Klem is a bit of a letdown and her joining Shera in the Diablo MP recovery technique is the second most uncomfortable moment of the show.

On The Fence

  1. With noting Enkvaros, and what Eulrex presents to us, we are reminded the world is far bigger than what we have seen. Yet, knowing that makes how little we have seen incredibly frustrating. Especially since the slave collar issue isn’t resolved.

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