Happy Sugar Life: Season 1/ Episode 2 “2nd Life: Shio’s Miniature Garden” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Shio's face looking tired.
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Happy Sugar Life maintains its creepiness as Satou meets someone who knows Shio and we are introduced to her stalker.

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Director(s) Keizō Kusakawa, Nobuyoshi Nagayama
Writer(s) Touko Machida
Air Date 7/20/2018
Actors Introduced
Kitaumekawa Daichi Ishikawa Kaito

What a Terrible Teacher: Kitaumerkawa, Satou

As established in the first episode, before meeting Shio, Satou had a reputation. One which made her come off easy and seemingly she has little to any qualms about how she was seen. However, that was then and this is now. But, her teacher, Mr. Kitaumerkawa has taken note of her for quite some time and brings up him being worried about her. After all, her parents are dead, she lives with her aunt and he feels she isn’t the most stable.

Yet, in truth, this man is the pot calling the kettle Black. For not only is he a stalker of hers, but seemingly wants to overpower her and force himself onto her. On top of that, he is jealous of the unnamed person who she loves and wants to meet them. Which, of course, means he is threatening her life with Shio. So, she decides to go to his home, in front of his wife, and begin undressing. A power move which reminds him who is the one that has something to lose and this makes it where he may just become her minion.


Mr. Kitaumerkawa revealing his true nature.

Well, it seems Happy Sugar Life may be one of the few shows where it began creepy and kind of violent and will keep up that momentum. For the way Kitaumerkawa was acting, it didn’t send a spine-tingling jolt up my spine but it gave you a similar unsettling feeling to the manager of the last episode. But, as before, when Satou’s life with Shio gets challenged, she quickly and easily cuts that person to pieces. And while not as epic as her takedown in the first episode, I got to admit that I do find it hard to see Satou as a villain when adults treat her as they do. For in that moment, I find myself on her side. That is, until I remind myself she is keeping a child hostage, murdered at least two people, 3 if she killed her aunt, and likely will kill again.

A Threat To Chocolate Flavored Kisses: Shio, Satou, Taiyo

Taiyo finds himself joining Satou’s first job and boy did the manager leave an effect on him. Now he shuts down when touched by older women and seems permanently traumatized. Luckily, Satou, as long as you don’t threaten her relationship with Shio, can be incredibly kind. She consoles the boy and while still a bit on edge, he does calm down. However, while Satou shows empathy towards him, when someone from Shio’s life, a brother, cousin, who knows, is discovered by Satou, she doesn’t show take not of their pain.

In fact, with this boy saying the vows Shio just said to Satou the other day, he presents the biggest threat yet to Satou’s relationship. So, upon discovery of a weapon, it seems she may kill this person. Thus giving Mr. Kitaumerkawa another body to dispose of for her.


What appears to be Shio's mother with her face scratched out.
“She’ll come to get you someday”

I think it should be noted that Shio does have some kind of memory of life before Satou. It isn’t strong, and the faces are fuzzy, but it isn’t like she is completely unaware that Satou isn’t her mother and people are missing from her life. The question is though, will she ever challenge Satou about where they are and the room they were formerly held in? Which is perhaps the big thing here: When and who will catch Satou? She is making friends at work and school who want to come over, I’m sure a neighbor may ask about Satou’s aunt one day and let’s not forget Shio and her parents being missing surely is going to become a serious issue with time. Yes, cops aren’t doing much now but Shio may one day get bored of staying in the apartment. What will happen then?

Heck, considering this all ends with a fire, was it one Shio caused or Satou? And, if it was Satou, what led to such a drastic action?


  1. The show is maintaining its tone and creepiness.

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