In this post, you’ll find quotes collected from the FX series: Pose. I hope you enjoy the quotes collected.

Season 2

Episode 7

“White folks like to visit, but they never move in.”

Episode 8

Own your choices.
— Manhattan

If they don’t grow strong enough to rebel, to reject you, to move away, then you’re not raising men and women. You’re creating parasites.
— Elektra

If you choose to be a mother, you choose to shape the world.
— Elektra

Season 1

Episode 8

Trust gives people power over you.
— Elektra

One job ain’t nothing if it don’t lead to another.
— Blanca

Episode 7

“Lies are a form of disrespect.”
— Blanca

“You’re upset because you have compassion and integrity. Important qualities to possess as a parent.”
— Helena

Episode 6

“I been out the game for a minute but I still know how to play it.”
— Blanca

Episode 5

“You know, that’s the burden of having a parent. They haven’t a clue what they’re doing and every mistake they make chips away at us. As we get older, we got to glue the pieces back together and we can blame them, but here’s the thing: They’re human. They make mistakes.”
– Pray Tell

“I am not trapped in this life, I choose it.”
– Patty

Episode 4

“But what is scared to us? It’s like water to a fish. There’s no point in dreaming of a life without having to be scared.”

“It’s never a bad decision to choose yourself.”

Episode 3

Pray Tell, playfully, admonishing Blanca for making a tear jerking moment.
Pray Tell: Lord Jesus, you got us bawling like bitches.

“Whoever got anywhere knowing their place?”

“Time is not your friend. It’s coming for you, for all of us. It shows no mercy and it always wins, and then you’re gone, forgotten.”

“There is a difference between inspiration and distraction.”

“It didn’t come like a bullet, it came like poison.”

“Before I met you, everything was in Black and white and that kind of thinking don’t work in a gray world. You taught me to appreciate life and treasure every breath. You adjusted my focus and now I see in color.”

Episode 2

“I felt the wind in my face my whole life. Which means I know when it’s at my back.”

“Rehearsal is getting ready for life, dancing is living it.”

“For an artist, greatness happens when you can take something organized and make it feel like it was improvised.”

“Technique is nothing if it doesn’t reveal some personal truth.”

“A victory is hollow if there’s no real competition.”

“I’ve […] learned how to keep my dignity, even when I’m kneeling down for scraps under the table.”

“I’m no one. I want what I’m supposed to want, I wear what I’m supposed to wear, and I work where I’m supposed to work. I stand for nothing. I’ve never fought in a war and I probably won’t ever have to, ‘cause the next one’s gonna kill us all. I can buy things I can’t afford, which means they’re never really mine. I don’t live. I don’t believe. I accumulate.”

“You clearly didn’t appreciate my presence, my absence shouldn’t be any different.”

Episode 1

“The method might be different but the cash smells just the same.”

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