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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 8: The Seed of the World Tree I

OverviewAs Yuuji is promoted from onii-chan to papa, he is delivered terrible news.Review (with Spoilers)As we have seen in the past few episodes, Makina and Yuuji have grown quite close. She imitates his ways, and tries to spend as much time around him as possible. But now things have escalated to the point he is more than a big brother, but now a father figure. Thus leading to an arc which surprisingly doesn’t just reveal Makina’s past, but continues to show Yuuji’s after he disappeared from Sacchi’s life.Topic 1: May I Call You Poppa? – Makina & YuujiAs noted, Makina has grown quite close to Yuuji and now is offering him 70 million dollars to be her poppa. Something he takes, but doesn’t spend. However, he does take the role as poppa seriously. He has her learn to fight, shoot a sniper rifle, and pretty much treats her like the daughter he never had. If not raise her like his master raised him.That thought aside, the reason why Makina has attached to Yuuji is because her family seemingly abandoned her [1]. Her mother, someone part of a strong political family, excommunicated her and left her with the 70 million to survive on, and her dad was allegedly killed for wanting to expose the family’s political corruption. Thus leaving her with just Mihama Academy, and those who live there, as family.CommentaryWith this new arc things started off rather cute, though had slightly creepy moments. For example, as much as it was cute to see Yuuji train Makina in combat, her head-butting him and making out with him was very weird. Also, the sexual things she said gave me pause. Like, what the hell did her parents do around her? For, as of now, it seems only Amane says or does anything sexual. So where is this coming from?Topic 2: Asako (My Master) – YuujiWith it being summer break, almost everyone goes home. That is, except Makina and likely Sakaki. So, with it just being Makina and Yuuji, and Makina not wanting to be stuck inside being forced to do homework, she jumps on the idea Yuuji has of cleaning off his master’s grave. Thus leading us to learn a little bit about Yuuji. Such as his biological family is gone, he used to live with his father’s friend until Asako took care of them, and then she decided she was going to raise him. Leading him to leave the impression she pretty much made him the man he is today, and the reason he talks about her usually with a bit of sarcasm is because he is hurt he can’t repay her for what she has done. After all, not only did she raise him, but also trained him and introduced him to Julia who gave him a career.CommentaryWhen it comes to Yuuji’s backstory, I have a feeling there is something he doesn’t know that Asako and Julia did. For with his family wiped out, and then his former caretaker, I sort of wonder if they took part in killing everyone? However, due to Asako being unable to kill the child who seemingly wanted to die, she decided to take him in instead of put him out of his misery. At least that is the way I’m looking at this because something seems fishy.Topic 3: The Next Target – Makina and YuujiFrom what it seems, Makina’s family is being targeted. For with a car bombing nearly claiming Sarina’s life, Makina’s little sister [2], and then Yuuji being told Makina is the next target, it seems someone is looking to wipe the next generation out. The issue with this though, it seems Yuuji isn’t just being told Makina is a target, but that he is to kill her. Making all his promises about being a father, protecting her, and loving her the best way he knows, all in jeopardy. Just because their boss, who remains unknown, has made the order [3].CommentaryAs we have seen thus far, Yuuji has gone to drastic lengths to help the girls of Mihama. He has used his government connections, called in favors, and even created a new identity for Sakaki to escape her father. So for him to be put in the position where now instead of helping one of the girls, he is being taken off reservation to kill one, I’m as shocked as he was. Especially because the show was building his and Makina’s relationship up to the point I was getting teary eyed. For he truly did take on that father role and was there for her after Sarina was almost killed.Making me feel this show likely won’t have Makina killed off, but at the same time I thought for two episodes it was going to end up being a slice of life show. So anything could happen.Things To Note
  • Due to Makina watching over her little sister, in secret, she got kidnapped and was left with some sort of mental trauma. Something which tainted her abilities for a political career so that is why she was abandoned.
  • From the way it is explained, Makina’s little sister she knows of, but Sarina doesn’t know about her. So, every so often, Makina would spy on her little sister and watch over her. Wanting to tell her she has a big sister out there. Something which led to the kidnapping noted above.
  • From what we are told, Yuuji is quite popular. For his code, 9029, is sort of like the 007 in the organization Yuuji and Julia works in.

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