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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 5: Vox in Box

OverviewIn what maybe one of the show’s first arcs, we look into the darkness of Michiru’s past.Trigger Warning(s): SuicideReview (with Spoilers)With me having to adjust my views of the series, I learned that rather than everyone being some sort of soldier, instead they all seemingly have some sort of darkness Yuuji is likely to help them with. Which, from what it seems, may lead to them getting a crush on him. But between Yuuji’s indifference toward most of their affection, and how much depth we get in Michiru’s backstory, I feel like all my fears about the direction of the show were unjustified.For more on “Vox in Box” look below.Topic 1: What’s in the Box? – Yuuji & MichiruSummaryAfter Meowmel’s death, Michiru has become deeply depressed. So depressed she has started giving away her possessions and seemingly is ready to let the alternative persona, the more serious Michiru, just take over the body. Something she does with hesitation. However, with Yuuji seeing through the alternative Michiru’s ruse of being the real Michiru, he sees if the real Michiru really wants to die by going through a quite drastic method: Burying her alive.CommentaryI quite honestly didn’t think Meowmel’s death was going to lead to a storyline like this. Not to say I thought it was just going to be brushed to the side and forgotten, but with his introduction, and death, I think we got introduced to the show’s first major arc. One which didn’t make me cry, but a little bit surprised.Topic 2: Closure (Part 1 – The Other Michiru) - Yuuji & MichiruSummaryFrom what it seems, Michiru has always been a bit depressed and contemplating suicide. Especially after she finally made a friend and said friend went through with commiting suicide. Thus leading to Michiru’s already weak heart giving out and, seemingly, an American heart being put in her. Hence how Michiru’s body hosts two different personalities.Now, while the other Michiru doesn’t necessarily want to take over the body, she does however have things she wants to do. Such as seeing her mother, something Yuuji helps her with by using his contact Julia. Leaving us with the impression that now, especially after what happens in Topic 3, Michiru and the alternative live in peace.CommentaryOne thing that bothered me about this storyline is that I don’t think we learn alternative Michiru’s name. Which I can’t say is due to her forgetting for, after all, she does remember her mother. So, what is the reason her name isn’t told to Yuuji? Much less, with Julie mentioning that the favor Yuuji asked for will be repaid, you have to wonder: what will he have to do to pay it back? Much less, will we get to see it?Topic 3: Closure (Part 2 – The Real Michiru) - Yuuji & MichiruSummaryAs noted, the death of Michiru’s friend, alongside an upbringing which heavily dealt with her being told she is stupid, is why Meowmel’s death really broke her. For never mind she thought she was nothing, or meaningless, but those who gave her life meaning kept dying. However, once Yuuji learns she is committed to the idea of committing suicide, he decides to bury her alive.This forces her to confront all her issues, ranging from her piano teacher, or mother, calling her names; meeting and witnesses the death of her best friend; and us learning the identity we know of was created in order for her to become convenient, make others laugh, and not feel like a bother.Leaving the episode with her finding that, despite all she lost, there is still a desire to live. So, thanks to Yuuji not really burying her alive, just throwing a bit of dirt over her would be coffin, she fights her way out of her grave [1]. Thus leading to the end of the episode in which you can tell Michiru is definitely in the process of falling for Yuuji, but isn’t ready to admit it.CommentaryThe only thing worth noting, which hasn’t been said, is how weird it is that for 3 days these two were gone and it seems there isn’t much of a reaction from the rest of the cast when things return to normalcy.Leaving the only things really left to wonder: How will Yuuji handle a new girl who desires his affections, which girl is next, and will they match the depth of this story?Collected Quote(s)“In this world, when you face forward, that’s the future; When you look back, it’s a memory; and if you clip part of it out, that becomes a story. This is no more than a snippet of that story.” —          "Vox in Box." Grisaia no Kajitsu“I just had to play a character that’d be convenient to others, and keep my emotions conveniently suppressed. I just had to be someone people could laugh at. I didn’t need my own identity.” —          "Vox in Box." Grisaia no KajitsuThings To Note
  1. After 3 days of staying in the coffin mind you.

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