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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 4: Where to Aim the Silver Bullet


Community Rating: 85.82% (9)


As Grisaia no Kajitsu continues, it seems this may just end up being a slice of life anime in which as dark as everyone’s past seemed, it isn’t going to be as intriguing as hoped.

Review (with Spoilers)

I’ll finish out the season, but I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy what comes. For with me thinking everyone was some sort of secret agent who wanted to get normalcy before adulthood, or sought to retire in peace, it makes what we see in this episode, and saw in the last episode, sort of throw me off. Not to the point of thinking this is a bad show, but I do feel like I have to mentally adjust my perception and expectations to enjoy this.

For more on “Where to Aim the Silver Bullet” look below.

Topic 1: Can Men & Women Be Friends? – Yuuji and Yumiko


With everyone worried about Michiru, and there being a black out, conversations ensue amongst the school’s pupils. One of which include if Men and Women can be friends. Something everyone is having trouble answering, though especially the girls since it seems none of them have really had much male interaction.

Focusing on Yumiko though, after trying to kill Yuuji multiple times, and utterly failing, slowly it seems they are becoming friendlier. Such as when Yumiko gets a bit frightened after a blackout, and Michiru is acting strange, Yuuji consoles her. Something she thanks him for and then precedes to remind herself how she doesn’t like his presence at the school.


After the confession, I was thinking Amane would play a stronger role in the series. However, now I’m wondering if things will be setup, since this is based on a romance game, where Yuuji will be presented as possibly being able to be with anyone on the show. Albeit not the extent of Amagami SS, in which we will see him get with every last girl, but at least things being left where you are given enough to write your own possible ending between Yuuji and each girl.

Topic 2: The Dissociation of Michiru – Yuuji & Michiru


In the series premiere I mentioned how strange Michiru was, even to the point of her getting unique animations to make her distinct, and it seems part of the reasons she is so odd is because she has dissociative identity disorder. As for the reason why? That isn’t said, however we do see that Michiru’s two sides are polar opposites. One is the crazy jovial one we are used to, and the other is more somber and seemingly the type of girl Yuuji is attracted to. Which I say because, after being kissed by somber Michiru, he is left quite enchanted.

Though their story isn’t allowed to end at that. No, the cat we saw one or two episodes ago is back and we see how much that cat means to Michiru. For while the girls talk about friendship between the sexes, it seems the friendship which matters most to Michiru is the one between her and the black cat. Someone who, near the end of the episode, is hit by a car and sadly dies in Michiru’s arms.


Without much build, I must admit I am not feeling too down about the cat’s death, but nonetheless it does make me sad. Also, with the little I read up on dissociative identity disorder, it makes me wonder: is this Michiru’s first experience with death? Also, with her talking about dying, where people go, and asking Yuuji to bury her near this light house we see, it pushes the idea that a dark cloud is looming over Michiru’s head. Now, whether it is sickness, her past haunting her, or what? Well, sadly we don’t find out. But, as I adjust to seeing this show in a different light, I think what is presented is good enough to keep me from complaining like I do sometimes with Once Upon a Time.

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