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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 2: School Killer Yumiko

OverviewWhile Yuuji dodges Sakaki’s murder attempts, he begins to grow closer to Makina.Review (with Spoilers)While everyone’s backstory remains a mystery, you do see Yuuji form bonds and see a little of the bonds which formed before he arrived at the school. Though, alongside this, we quickly get to know why Sakaki has some sort of vendetta against him. Thus continuing the standard set in the pilot in which more is there than meets the eye.Topic 1: Yuuji’s Part Time Job – Yuuji & AmaneSummaryDespite no one being that open about their own past, it seems everyone wants to know Yuuji’s. So, as per his handler JB – Julia Bardera, he uses euphemisms like he formerly “cleaned up messes,” and “took out the garbage.” Which the girls seemingly don’t get but, based off some of the hobbies we saw at the end of the last episode, I think they got the point.CommentaryOf those wondering about his past, Amane Suou seems to be the most interested, as well as Sakaki since she doesn’t trust him. But, focusing on Amane, I really am wondering what her angle is here. Does she plan to kill Yuuji, get some sort of information out of him about a mission he did in the past, or did he maybe save her and she wants to be intimate with him? I mean, considering how most of the girls may very well maybe soldiers like him, Amane could very well be an assassin who likes to kill her prey when at their most vulnerable, i.e. before sex. Hence why she was trying to play footsies and was rubbing his leg perhaps.Topic 2: Onii-Chan! – Mikana & YuujiSummaryWhile initially uncomfortable around Yuuji, perhaps because he is bigger than her and a boy, with their mutual love for fish, and him being rather kind to her, Mikana comes to see him as her onii-chan. Something Amane quite admires and leads her to think that if he can win over Mikana, maybe he can eventually win over Sakaki too?CommentaryHonestly, the sole thing worth mentioning here is how cute Yuuji and Mikana’s relationship became. Especially since, in his pursuit of normalcy, you have to remember the other girls are looking for that too. And with Yuuji showing kindness to Mikana, now she has a big brother figure in her life.Topic 3: Sakaki’s Background checks – Sakaki & YuujiSummaryWe learn the main reason Sakaki has murderous intentions against Yuuji is because: 1. She thinks he may rape her or the rest of the girls; 2. She was there to meet all the girls when they came to the school, and was able to fully get to know them before meeting them, something which she couldn’t do with Yuuji; and 3. She was one the first people to come to Mihama Academy and takes pride in its reputation remaining clean, and with her not knowing him, nor if he may bring trouble, this especially gives her reason to not trust him. However, by the end of the episode, after she for the umpteenth time tries to cut him, they talk and come to an understanding. One which leaves them able to call each other by name and build a foundation which may lead to friendship.CommentaryThere are a few things worth questioning, and noting, here. First and foremost: Why is Chuzuru the principal, of all people, when it seems she is afraid of her students to the point of perhaps letting them kill each other rather than stepping in? Also, what type of history does Sakaki have with men to make her feel threatened by the presence of one? Especially considering it seeming like every last woman, but Chuzuru, likely being able to present Yuuji with a good fight? For while you can understand, especially based off various recent news stories, why she would be uncomfortable, especially since his room is near the exit, you’d think between whatever past she has, which likely includes combat training, and the girls outnumbering him, she wouldn’t worry  so much.That aside, there is also mention that the community originally wasn’t comfortable with the academy, until Sakaki started volunteering. Leading you to wonder what do they know about the academy, as well as what rumors there are? For again, it is hard to not be quite curious about who these girls are. Especially since, during the credits, we see them arrive either by motorcycle, a regular old bicycle, by town car, or even by freight truck.Collected Quote(s)“Colors and lies both get blacker as you add more.” —          "School Killer Yumiko." Grisaia no Kajitsu (Le Fruit de la Grisaia)“At this point, no matter how I change, the things I’ve lost won’t come back.” —          "School Killer Yumiko." Grisaia no Kajitsu (Le Fruit de la Grisaia)Things To NoteThe episode title is so misleading. For, as of now, it doesn’t seem like Yumiko, aka Sakaki, was a school killer, a la Columbine or Virginia Tech. It’s just she wanted to take out Yuuji.

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