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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 12: Angelic Howl III

OverviewWith the conclusion of Amane’s story comes the question of how Yuuji will react, much less where their new relationship may end up.Topic 1: Our Story Comes To An End – Kazuki & AmaneTopic 2: Your Punishment Amane – Yuuji & AmaneTopic 3: The Missing Head – Amane & YuujiReview (with Spoilers) - BelowTopic 1: Our Story Comes To An End – Kazuki & AmaneBy day 15 the girls are not only starving, but losing their minds. Some wander aimlessly, others eat the maggots from their wounds, and also some are on the brink of death. However, one day the teacher returns, he ends up getting a deer with the student president, and things seem like they may get better. Well, until Kazuki reveals the truth as she tries to get Amane to escape with her.You see, not only is sensei screwing one of his students, but the bodies of former students are being cut up and cooked for survivors. Something Amane and Kazuki sees and this leads to them dashing off. But, being that Amane isn’t as strong minded as Kazuki, she is ready to die and doesn’t seem like she will continue running. So, to push Amane into surviving, Kazuki plans to be a decoy so that those chasing them, which is nearly everybody, will focus on her as Amane escapes. Something she ends up doing, with a heavy dosage of survivor’s guilt.CommentaryWhile I knew Kazuki was going to sacrifice herself, and we were told Amane would be the only survivor, I must admit the teacher screwing his students and cannibalism was a bit of a surprise. Though, I must say, I sort of wonder how did those who didn’t get out die? I mean, the likely answer is starvation, if not Kazuki killing them, but even with the bite marks and other details mentioned by Yuuji, something certainly seemed off by the time Amane finished.Topic 2: Your Punishment Amane Is… – Yuuji & AmaneAfter Amane got to civilization, naturally questions arose on how she, out of everyone, made it out alive. Thus leading to accusations of her eating people, which Kazuki spared her the guilt of, and her having a strong case of survivor’s guilt. Leading to the Yuuji situation. Originally, she attached herself to him out of obligation, but now claims to love him. Something she feels undeserving of since his older sister died for her. So, as a means of repenting, if not just ridding her of her guilt, she asks him to kill her. Something he is unwilling to do, so instead he has her vow to be by his side forever. Pretty much keeping up the deal they made from before Amane’s confession.CommentaryOne thing I was hoping for after this story was to learn more about Yuuji’s side. For with Kazuki being the only one who doting on him, I was hoping we would get to see their relationship and actually get some of the emotions we saw when Amane announced she knew his sister. Unfortunately though, it seems there is a slight chance we may get that the next episode, though I doubt it.However, the lack of Kazuki and Yuuji moments aside, I do find it so cute how Yuuji doesn’t fault her and pretty much doesn’t place any blame or guilt on her. For while she may have played her part, it isn’t like she did anything intentional to hurt Kazuki. Though, arguably, a part of me wonders, based on how close Amane was to Kazuki, and in admiration of her, perhaps what inspired her feelings for Yuuji is the fact Kazuki molded him, in my opinion, to be like her so pretty much Amane sees Yuuji as a male Kazuki.Topic 3: The Missing Head – Amane & YuujiAfter Amane’s story, and Yuuji’s reaction, he reveals an issue with her story. The issue being Kazuki’s would be corpse was torn to pieces, but no head. Leading to perhaps Yuuji’s conspiracy theory that with 10 corpses, perhaps Kazuki made 11. Sort of like what she did with the carrots and cut them up in order to produce the missing carrot. This leads Amane to wonder if Kazuki is alive, and that leads Yuuji to think that perhaps they should investigate. Leading to the beginning of their next journey which will be the search for Kazuki’s whereabouts, somewhere near the possible camp site.CommentaryBeing that we were never told why Yuuji and Kazuki’s family was massacred, I believe, it does lead you to wonder if Kazuki, with the training she showed she might have had, went into hiding after she perhaps took out all the cannibals? I mean, all things considered, it would have been the best option. Especially since she probably was prepping Yuuji for the possibility of something happening. Which isn’t to say the abandonment probably won’t lead to him yelling, if she is alive, but at least this show may end on a happy note for him, and also give Amane some peace of mind.However, with this weird guy named Sakashita, who likely is related to someone who died, or is just a creepy admirer, likely someone is going to die in the next episode.

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