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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 11: Angelic Howl II

OverviewWe continue to watch the girls wait for a rescue, as days go by and starvation, among other things, threaten their lives.Topic 1: As The Days Went By – Amane & KazukiReview (with Spoilers) - BelowTopic 1: As The Days Went By – Amane & KazukiAs time goes by, Kazuki finds herself more and more being relied on. For whether it is treating the girls with serious injuries, taking over as an almost adult figure when the teacher leaves, or cutting up the dog so the girls can eat, she does the difficult jobs required. All the while, Amane sticks by her side and is a bit in awe of Kazuki. But with Kazuki sharing the ways of her younger brother Yuuji, she does rub people the wrong way and it leads Amane to wonder if pity is the sole thing which could lead to Kazuki showing kindness. However, between Amane’s loyalty, and there seemingly being some issues in Kazuki’s family [1], Kazuki opens up to her and says she will protect Amane, and that she loves her.CommentaryWhen it comes to any show or movie I can watch at home, 9/10 I end up pausing it and doing something else and then coming back. With this episode though, strangely I don’t think I paused this once. Which partly I think was because I was sort of held in the tight grip of anticipation, for we know only Amane lives, but also it might be because Kazuki just seems like a really interesting character. For, like younger brother Yuuji, there is a bit of sadness which can easily be seen, and yet there is this desire to be in service to someone with little thanks. Something which can be seen for as Kazuki aids one of the girls, she tells them it is Amane fixing them up and not her.Making me feel that when the shoe drops and whatever ends these girls’ lives happen, I may actually cry over Kazuki’s death. For it has been built up so much I’m a little tense in my shoulders and I honestly can’t speculate what ends them. It could be starvation, or maybe even a animal, but then that leaves how did Amane survive? Which, naturally, leads to the answer of Kazuki. But, again, the question is how did she sacrifice herself? Much less, what will Yuuji’s reaction be once we return to the present?Things To NoteFrom what it seems, Kazuki was treated as the prodigal child while Yuuji was treated as a disappointment. Something which hurt Kazuki, it seems, and that is why she loves him so much in order to compensate. Making us further understand why Yuuji did everything he has done thus far. If just because he knows what it means to lose someone, be a disappointment, and lives, perhaps, in a prolonged state of hopelessness.

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