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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 10: Angelic Howl I

OverviewWith the introduction of Kazuki, Yuuji’s little sister, comes the dark chapter of Amane’s life unveiled.Topic 1: A Kiss and A Confirmation – Yuuji & AmaneTopic 2: The Weird Silver Haired Girl – Amane & KazukiReview (with Spoilers) - BelowTopic 1: A Kiss and A Confirmation – Yuuji & AmaneAmane, for reasons not fully made clear, has been waiting in Yuuji’s room for him for quite some time. Seemingly because she wanted to cook for him, and just be in his company. Though, as she flirts, and he decides to not be obtuse and actually engage her flirtations with a kiss, there comes a need for them to define their relationship. Leading Yuuji to present an option for her: He’ll accept her as his girlfriend, but he can’t be her boyfriend.Which, naturally, is a bit confusing, so Amane counters his negotiation, which includes not crying if he dies or disappears, and forgetting about him after a year, with one simple question: Does he like her? Something he admits he does, but it seems love, and relationships, are so foreign to him that he can’t say the words the way she may want to hear them.CommentaryAfter the Michiru kiss, well her alter-ego anyway, it seemed Yuuji wasn’t as stern about maybe keeping a certain distance from these girls as first thought. However, due to a childhood connection, I must admit I thought Sachi would be the girl he would end up with perhaps. Though, from what it seems, while most of the girls, sans Makina who looks at him like a father, may have some type of crush on Yuuji, partly because he is the only guy there, and all he has done, it was Amane who has pursued him from the beginning. Something which seemingly Yuuji has noted and now feels comfortable with. As for why he didn’t in the past, well I think it goes beyond the death of his family and master, and simply him not trusting her feelings to be more than superficial. For, as seen by JB’s assistant, and various other times in the show, he knows he is attractive but seemingly wants there to be a reason beyond that. Something he thinks Amane may have.Though her reveal that she knew his little sister certainly changes things.Topic 2: The Weird Silver Haired Girl – Amane & KazukiOn the way back from camp, 6 years ago, it seems Kazuki and Amane were sharing a bus which veered off the road and landed somewhere at the foot of a mountain. One in which there was no cell reception, the girls all had some sort of injury, sans Amane, and Kazuki was one of the more proactive people in handling things. However, as Amane notes, she was the sole survivor once they were found. Leading you to wonder what happened since the bus crash, Kazuki bandaging everyone’s wounds, the best she could, to when seemingly only Amane was left?CommentaryThe personality of Kazuki perhaps is the most appealing thing about this flashback. For with Amane being her personal sidekick, and first real friend it seems, you can only hope this may reveal more about Yuuji as time goes on. Especially since his eyes nearly popped out of his head when Amane mentioned she knew his little sister.Leading you to wonder if perhaps Yuuji forgot how she was like and used that whole “forget about me in a year” think when it came to his sister. For, unlike many a deer in headlights protagonist, arguably Yuuji has many reasons to be cold toward people. All those who he has loved died, at a rather young age, and he is a killer for hire. But something about his little sister, his equally eccentric little sister, makes you wonder how long, or how hard, was it to forget her? Much less if he had a choice since, so it seems, the only picture he has is of his former master. As for family, it seems those memories are packed down in the recesses of his mind.Collected Quote(s)“A debt is more profitable if you don’t collect on it right away.” —          "Angelic Howl I." Grisaia no Kajitsu (Le Fruit de la Grisaia)“I believe that ‘I could have done something’ is the most frustrating regret of all.” — "Angelic Howl I." Grisaia no Kajitsu (Le Fruit de la Grisaia)“The more you say, ‘I’m sorry,’ the less it’s worth.” —  "Angelic Howl I." Grisaia no Kajitsu (Le Fruit de la Grisaia)

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