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Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 9: The Seed of the World Tree II

OverviewAs Yuuji stands on the opposite end of JB, you are left wondering who is going to end up suffering the most after all is said and done.Topic 1: The Cleaners – Yuuji & MakinaTopic 2: Somebody Had To Die – Yuuji and MakinaReview (with Spoilers) - BelowTopic 1: The Cleaners – Yuuji & MakinaWith Yuuji accepting the mission, under false pretenses, it leads to him becoming the enemy of the Irisu family, and whatever the company is that JB works for. After all, before accepting the contract on Makina’s life, he made a contract with her first. So, she gets priority. Which, naturally, leads to everything being thrown at Yuuji and him proving his legend for us.CommentaryOne thing noteworthy about Yuuji defending Makina, is JB noting how he is being foolish like Asako. Leading you to wonder if Yuuji is doing for Makina, as Asako did for him? For with us still not knowing the full story behind her death, it is an option. Though whether JB had anything to do with it, well that remains to be hinted at.Topic 2: Somebody Had To Die – Yuuji and MakinaAfter planting traps, escaping, and then Makina leaving herself vulnerable, unfortunately Yuuji is forced to change his plans. No longer is staying on the run an option. No, he has to go to the source. For, you see, Makina has a very unique memory and knows of the Irisu’s family corruption. In fact, this contract came about solely because she threatened her mother to keep her sister safe. Though, with Makina injured, due to being shot, it seems her mother is ready to turn her into an organ donor to tie up loose ends.What she didn’t factor though was Yuuji killing her. Making it so Makina becomes free, JB’s crew ends up on top, due to documents recovered, and Yuuji doesn’t have to be in hiding anymore. Though, best of all, Makina is back to being the eccentric little girl she was. Well, with crutches.CommentaryWhile the legend grows, I must admit I am starting to wonder what may happen when JB cashes in all these favors? For while she was against Yuuji, to a point, she always seemed to hold back just enough to not present a full on challenge to him, much less Makina. So you know, sooner or later, a serious favor will be called in.Though with us meeting one of JB’s superiors, a man left unnamed, it does seem they are getting tired of Yuuji no following orders. Making you wonder if the series may end in tragedy where all the girls end up standing over Yuuji’s grave. Perhaps the one he dug for Michiru.That thought aside, I wonder what may happen to Makina’s sister now? I mean, she still has her dad, and the rest of the family, but is this the last time we will see and hear from her? I mean, Makina isn’t reported dead. Yuuji has been, technically, but Makina is still very much alive. So it makes you wonder if another threat maybe on the horizon? Even though we are coming up to the series finale soon.Oh, and with that said, I do wonder how Amane’s story will be handled? For while the intro pretty much covers all that has happened to everyone, Amane’s life just seems lonely in the intro so there isn’t much of a hint. Though with Yuuji’s story not being fully revealed, I expect the odd things she said in episode 1, if I recall right, to make sense.

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