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What appears to be a slightly ecchi shounen harem, about a former military teen who gets the chance live some semblance of a normal life, has more than what meets the eye.

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Episode 1: Ordinary Academy Life

Characters & Story

Kazami is introduced as a young man who has spent most of his life under the tutelage of his female master who trained him to be some type of soldier. However, after living most of his life training and doing missions, now it seems he wishes for some semblance of normalcy. So, in order to provide this, he is sent to a special high school of which there are only around 6 students, including him. Said students include: Kominoe , the class rep; Makina, who seemingly is the youngest at Mihama Academy; Suou, who comes off like Makina’s older sister; Michiru, who seems a bit out of her mind, and sometimes is animated to show she is definitely different from everyone else; and then there is Sakaki, who doesn’t seem to like Kazami at all. In fact, she tries to cut him.

And while most of the girls seem fairly normal, it is hinted by the end of the episode that these girls are anything but normal. For with Kominoe working on making a bomb; Amane seeming like she has devious plans for Kazami; and us really not learning much about the girls’ past, never mind knowing why Kazami has a sniper rifle, needless to say what is presented on the cover does not represent the anime as a whole.


What I currently like about this show, based off the first episode, is that everyone has a distinct enough personality that I feel, even with the names being unique to my American mind, I can clearly know who is who. And I especially feel, once everyone’s past is revealed, it would be nearly impossible to get anyone mixed up. For truly it seems like from Kazami to all the girls, we are going to be presented with some dark and interesting tales. Now, what maybe in those stories? I don’t know, I didn’t read the manga or play the game this is based on. However, with just a glimpse of these girls coming off sugar sweet, and sort of innocent, to then behind doors closed doors seeming a bit wicked, it is hard to not get excited about what is to come.


My only issue with this show is the unnecessary panty shots and then Amane being in Kazami’s room nude. For while I have a good idea why she went into his room, at the same time I feel like the panty shots and nudity sort of cheapen the product. Mostly because it seems done solely to tantalize.

Overall: Watch It

I’m following this series to the end. If just because everyone seems so weird and through anime I get to see the type of characters and stories I wish American Horror Story would have. So, I hope you’ll join me for future installments on the blog!

Collected Quote(s)

“When you’re a kid, just being a fast runner makes you popular; In middle school, it’s holding your own in a fight; after that, brains make you popular. Her point […] ‘Run fast, hit hard, and read books.’”
— “Ordinary Academy Life.” Grisaia no Kajitsu

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