Goblin Slayer: Season 1/ Episode 9 “There and Back Again” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Why the Sword-Maiden has been acting so weird is revealed to us as well as the purpose of that mirror.

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Why the Sword-Maiden has been acting so weird is revealed to us as well as the purpose of that mirror.

Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 12/1/2018

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53 Dead: Goblin Slayer, Onna, Tokage, Kouhito, Yousei

As 53 goblins, including the big one from before, charge towards the room, Onna and Tokage are trying to get that mirror off the wall since it leads to a goblin village. A village that likely is on their planet, not the rumored green one where goblins come from. Which I say only because we see a ship in a harbor. So, going by what Goblin Slayer has said, since shipbuilding knowledge isn’t considered part of the average goblin’s intelligence yet, we have to assume they’re local.

But, local or not, time is of the essence and with Yousei and Onna limiting how Goblin Slayer can do his thing, it makes handling so many goblins difficult. Yet, thanks to that mirror and using Kouhito’s magic to cave in the structure, which isn’t under the city, Goblin Slayer wipes out 53 goblins just on his own.


Yousei taking note of the destruction Goblin Slayer caused.
Yousei: Jeez… What were you thinking, Orcbolg?!

Goblin Slayer is a really destructive dude, isn’t he? I’m surprised he hasn’t died, not from combatting goblins, but from a cave in, accidentally poisoning himself, or one of the other things he isn’t allowed to do. Also, taking note how that whole area was part of the old city, you have to wonder if anyone cares about the history destroyed? Yes, goblins are a nuisance, but I’m sure there are those who would question why is he using such destructive means to handle them? We’ve seen him destroy old castles, former temples, and more than just random caves. I feel like someone out there would be mad, should be mad, about how frivolous he can be.

Confrontation: Sword Maiden, Goblin Slayer

You remember that white alligator? The one attacking Goblin Slayer’s crew and goblins? Apparently, that was one of the Sword Maiden’s familiars. You know, like how Tokage has his skeleton warriors. Now, why was it down there? Well, because, all this time, the Sword-Maiden knew the goblins were down there. It’s just, because of the trauma from her rape, goblins not being taken seriously, and her a bit afraid to push the idea she, this symbol of strength, can’t deal with goblins, she fabricated a murder.

Something Goblin Slayer didn’t fully know it was her who set it all up, but Sword Maiden was ready and willing to reveal that secret. What can she say, Goblin Slayer does something to her. However, despite her wanting him to stay, be her hero, he says he has to leave. There are more goblins to slay but, if she ever encounters more, she knows where to find him.


Sword Maiden asking Goblin Slayer to save her.
Sword Maiden: So you’re not going to save me?

I’m really trying to make light the fact the Sword-Maiden is touted as this big time badass, yet she still has the ability to be vulnerable. To be someone, you can add being a woman if you want, who wants someone to a hero for her like she has been for so many. The problem is, the way this show went about that made it so awkward. If it was just her lying about knowing the goblins were down there and failing, through her familiar, to kill them, that would be one thing. However, her pushing up on Goblin Slayer, acting like a cat in heat, seeming desperate even, it was just pitiful to watch.

In fact, it makes you wonder whether this was about making her three dimensional or taking her down a peg. For there hasn’t been a woman yet, besides Goblin Slayer’s sister, who didn’t end up getting saved by him. So maybe, in the long run, he is supposed to be like an 80s action hero, if not further back, in style. You know the type. Doesn’t say much but kills a lot of beings and kicks a whole lot of ass. Which only ends once the girl is safe and in his arms.

Thing is, in an almost comical way, Goblin Slayer is damn near asexual at this point. Which perhaps is the main reason Sword Maiden seems so pitiful. She presses up on him, cries, and sets him up to say the most romantic thing ever and fails to take the bait.

Who Wants Ice Cream?: Goblin Slayer, Onna

Strangely, it seems Onna might be causing a change in Goblin Slayer. Rather than his sole focus being killing goblins, now he has a slight interest in making ice creams. Leading you to wonder, has Onna broken through in ways even Ushikai couldn’t? Maybe making it so the being known as Goblin Slayer is rediscovering, beyond the legend, he is still a person whose name we don’t know yet?


Seriously, are you telling me some teenaged priestess is changing Goblin Slayer in ways his childhood friend, possibly childhood crush, can’t? Or, could it just be since Ushikai doesn’t challenge him to change, just lets him do as he must, that is why he was so stoic? That is, on top of her recognizing that killing goblins helps him cope, does a service to the world, and can be quite lucrative.

Yet, it seems he can have other interest if he wants to learn how to make ice cream. Leading you to wonder, when the day comes when he no longer can keep up killing goblins, can you imagine him, maybe still in armor, selling ice cream? Likely in his armor?


  1. Goblin Slayer showing interest outside of goblin slaying.

Low Point

  1. The writing of the Sword-Maiden.

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  1. Sword Maiden didn’t come across particularly well in this scene, and I felt they dragged the sequence on too long. Oh well, I enjoyed the first half of the episode where they fought the goblins, and the end where they had the ice-cream discussion was fun.

    1. I’m starting to feel, like a lot of anime which start off really violent, as time goes on, things are becoming lopsided and lacking consistency.

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