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Goblin Slayer: Season 1/ Episode 5 “Adventures and Daily Life” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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We learn how adventurers get promoted this episode, a bit about adventurer culture, as well as Goblin Slayer’s reputation amongst the ladies.

Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 11/3/2018
Introduced This Episode
Uketsukejou Uchida Maaya
Hojin Iwanaka Mutsuki
Kantokukan Hioka Natsumi
Minarai Itou Ayasa
Shinmai Maeda Seiji

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Promotional Exams: Onna, Goblin Slayer, Hojin, Kantokukan, Uketsukejou

It has been a minor mystery, how does one get promoted, and we get that answer this episode. The process requires a request for promotion as well as all the paperwork for past requests. This is reviewed and then a three-person panel interviews the applicant. One is an adventurer, likely a silver, who acts as an overseer. A role which may be to protect those like Uketsukejou, the case reviewer, in case the decision isn’t what adventurers, like Hojin want to hear. Lastly, there is a Kantokukan type who handles making sure the applicant is honest.

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Now, if all goes well, like Onna, you’ll be promoted to the next level – you can’t skip it seems. However, if you lie or are a bastard like Hojin, at best, you get rejected. At worse? Well, you can not only be downgraded but possibly banned from working with that guild. Hence the need for an overseer since being banned means losing access to quests and having to find a new home base.


Goblin Slayer noting Onna's promotion.
Goblin Slayer: So you want from 10th to 9th.

Can I just say I appreciate how the show broke down how one gets promoted yet didn’t necessarily make it boring? Granted, this show isn’t a 100+ episode program so it arguably used up an episode which could have been used for other things. Yet, being someone who loves when a show expands the foundation and world builds, I appreciate the time and effort given.

Not that there aren’t questions left over, like how long between examinations do you have to wait to progress? Also, how often are there incidents? Much less, taking note of Uketsukejou mentioning being harassed during her training, is this something a lot of women do or is she a rare example? Things which don’t need to be immediately addressed, for there is a resurrected demon lord, but can be things noted in passing. Especially since the show seems to like an ebb and flow of really violent, action-packed episode, to becoming a pseudo slice of life.

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The Plight of New Adventurers: Goblin Slayer, Minarai, Shinmai, Majo

As seen by the death of Onna’s companions in the first episode, being a new adventurer is tough and not for the weak and those who aren’t resourceful. Yet, when it comes to Minarai and Shinmai, we do get to see that, ultimately, a guild is a community. One in which even those like the Goblin Slayer will give helpful advice, mages like Majo will assist you in your quest, and your first real victory will be celebrated. For while no one is going to give you a handout, it seems most haven’t forgotten where they came from and are willing to give back.


Goblin Slayer giving advice.
Goblin Slayer: In that case, how about a club?

Though I have no idea if Minarai or Shinmai may ever be noteworthy again in this series, like with the promotional exam, their story is about world building. How do porcelain level people survive without a Goblin Slayer by their side? Well, it is through what perhaps can be seen as mentorship and learning what it means to be adaptable. And despite there being a bit of competition between everyone, at the end of the day, you’re all part of the same guild so, at the very least, you’re part of a community. Maybe even feel like family.

Which makes me feel someone we’ve met is going to die.

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Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Uketsukejou has a crush on Goblin Slayer.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Justice is not about striking down evil, but making people aware that evil exists in the world.


  1. This episode featured a lot of world building and helped to build an understanding of how porcelain level adventurers survive if they don’t attach themselves to a silver. That is, alongside the process to be promoted.

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Questions, Comments, or Opposing Opinion?

  1. It was a fun world building episode. I still feel the different levels need some kind of explanation as to what the advantages are of going up a level and so on (I feel even the books in the early stages haven’t really explained that particularly well) but I love that we see the process of advancing a level. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode.