Goblin Slayer crafts a bit of an emotional episode paired with the kind of violence which may just be an appetizer for the finale.

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Goblin Slayer crafts a bit of an emotional episode paired with the kind of violence which may just be an appetizer for the finale.

Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 12/22/2018

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I Will Not Run: Goblin Slayer, Ushikai

Ushikai deciding to stay rather than run.

Despite Goblin Slayer noting there is a horde coming, Ushikai says she will stay. Even though Goblin Slayer says there is still enough time to run, she decides to stay. Even though there will be hobs, a shaman, even a Goblin Lord, Ushikai decides to stay. Even knowing what happened to the Goblin Slayer’s sister, an act she may or may not survive if the goblins get to her, she decides to stay.

Why? Because Goblin Slayer will stay. So even though he can’t guarantee he can protect her, their property, or anything else, for him she’ll stay for that is how deep her love goes.


This is not a crush, this is love. For while Ushikai is arguably being foolish, you have to note there is some survivors guilt in play. She got to be whisked away before the village got attacked and thus she didn’t experience what Goblin Slayer did. Yet, there will be no running this time. Be it staying by his side and burying him or, as he went off slaying many times before, being the one to welcome him back with food cooking, she plans for nothing to be different. Yet, who can say if things will remain the same?

All To Not See Her Cry: Goblin Slayer

Ushikai crying

As has long been clear, Goblin Slayer is considered a bit of a weirdo and thus people are cordial but largely keep their distance. So, him asking, rather publicly, for help comes with many saying no. That is, until it is announced there will be one gold coin per goblin. Thus leading to a few touching things. The first being that the reason Goblin Slayer is getting these people involved is so that Ushikai won’t end up crying. Following that, we learn for another silver, if not a platinum adventurer, that Goblin Slayer was the one who came to their hometown and slayed goblins attacking their village.

So, between the money, starting when Goblin Slayer did, him doing a service to their hometown, actually being friends or a sense of community, many decide to take up this fight.


It has been made clear over the past 11 episodes that Goblin Slayer doesn’t necessarily have personal relationships – he has routines. At home, there isn’t a huge amount of time spent with Ushikai that is sweet, romantic or mirrors their old friendship. Yet, Ushikai does make sure they still have breakfast together, sometimes goes to the market together, and accepts him for who he is. She recognizes that his PTSD likely broke something inside of him but he is still her childhood best friend.

Which is why it is hard to not get teary-eyed about the idea of him offering everything to keep her safe. He knows he hasn’t built much in the way of relationships with most of the guild, we know he is a proud man who doesn’t like help, yet he bows and asks for help publicly. Then, to see the various adventurers, some just for monetary reasons, step up, it’s hard to not feel a bit affected by that. And while we’ve taken note of how much Onna has changed him over the course of the season, this episode really reminds you that the change all began with Ushikai.

For Money, For Thanks, For Community: Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer coming for the Goblin Lord.

Using the Goblin Slayer’s strategy, the first line goblins and riders are handled fairly easily. However, the episode ends with champions, with an s, approaching the village and Goblin Slayer going after the lord.


What is there really to say? A bunch of adventurers who we’ve barely seen cut the heads off wolves and kill goblins. Though, what will be interesting is seeing Goblin Slayer fight a Goblin Lord. Especially considering, the bigger they are, and the more wide open the space, it seems the more dangerous goblins are. Yet, considering we’ve seen Goblin Slayer come back from many a dangerous battle, here is hoping he doesn’t have to damn near die to take out a lord.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Goblin Slayer find a way to get to the Goblin Lord?
  2. Did the Goblin Lord plan this, as in to attack Goblin Slayer’s hometown?


  1. Having both an emotional episode paired with a decent amount of violence. Nothing that can match the initial shock of the series but it was something.


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