Gleipnir: Season 1 Episode 3 “Elena” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Elena is introduced, we also learn what may have led to the death of her and Clair’s parents.

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Clair and Elena in a picture with one another.

As Elena is introduced, we also learn what may have led to the death of her and Clair’s parents.

Directed By Yoneda Kazuhiro
Written By Inotsume Shin`ichi
Aired (Funimation) 4/19/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Training/ Getting To Know You – Clair, Shuichi

In order to become better in tune, this requires Clair to go inside Shuichi which, as usual, leads to some ecchi. After all, Clair finds it way too hot inside Shuichi, so her idea is to just be naked. An idea that’s too much for Shuichi so, instead, she gets into a swimsuit, which he is much more able to handle.

What Happened? – Clair, Shuichi, Elena

So, the current goal of Clair, and in extension Shuichi, is finding Elena in order to determine why she became a monster and why she killed her and Clair’s parents. To do so, Clair plans to use Shuichi’s sense of smell to discover her, and, within the episode, they do discover her, and she is confronted. Mind you, with Clair firing a bullet towards her head, but Shuichi wrangles just enough control for her to miss. But, luckily for both, Elena doesn’t take it personally since she knows Shuichi is the suit. So, she decides to have them go somewhere else where they can either talk or he can kill her.

All Monsters Feed Off Something – Clair, Shuichi, Elena

Elena's monster form.

But that is only until Elena hears that Shuichi has a woman inside of him. With that, she snaps and becomes her ghostly beat for who pops off Shuichi’s head. Leaving you to wonder, considering Shuichi is the costume, and Clair sort of morphs with him, what does this mean for the both of them? Is the head fine with being detached, or could this do some serious, perhaps mortal, damage?

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. It was 6 months ago Elena destroyed her and Clair’s home and killed their parents.
  2. The unnamed boy who came out the vending machine needs humans to collect the coins since they seem unable to, even though they aren’t limited to the vicinity of the vending machine.
  3. It seems killing people, like how Hikawa was, doesn’t get you their coin.


The Need To Question Clair and Elena’s Relationship

Considering Clair strictly eats calorie bars and drinking water, and pairing that with this immense jealousy or envy Elena has, it makes you wonder what’s going on? Was Elena jealous of the attention Clair got, and Clair mainly getting that because she did her best to maintain her thin frame? Also, considering Clair’s parents died 6 months ago, and she hasn’t seen her sister in who knows how long, who did she call before her suicide attempt?

A lot of questions are pushed with this episode, and it leaves you wondering, as the show may be shifting back and forth between violence, sensationalization, and getting real with us, will they ever be seen all in one episode? Much less, if not more, consistently?


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