Domestic Girlfriend takes a bit to get interesting, but with one drastic maneuver, it has you wishing you could binge watch.

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Domestic Girlfriend takes a bit to get interesting, but with one drastic maneuver, it has you wishing you could binge watch.

Creator Kei Sasuga
Director(s) Shota Ibata
Writer(s) Tatsuya Takahashi
Air Date 1/11/2019
Genre(s) Romance, Seinen
Good If You Like Complicated Romances With A Male Lead

Tsundere Love Interests


Isn’t For You If You Don’t Like Watching A Boring Teen Boy With Lots Of Female Attention

Find Relationship Dramas Boring

Aren’t Into A Bit Of Ecchi

Introduced This Episode
Natsuo Taku Yashiro
Rui Maaya Uchida
Tsukiko Yurika Hino
Hina Yoko Hikasa
Fumiya Takuya Eguchi
Akihito Nobou Tobita

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The Introduction

Since the end of middle school, Natsuo has tried to be more outgoing since he no longer looks dorky (in his words). That ends up paying off for while hanging with his friends one day, he meets Rui. She is very much a tsundere type, and with her not digging the group activity, she asks Natsuo if he wants to ditch everyone else. What he didn’t plan for though was going to her place and losing his virginity.

Fast forward a few days, he learns his dad, Akihito, is planning to marry Rui’s mom, Tsukiko, and there is one more fun part to this: His crush, his teacher, Hina, she is Rui’s sister and about to become his as well. It doesn’t end there! Hina is also a bit of a tease and no sooner than Natsuo’s dad announces he is marrying again, after being a widow for ten years, he says they are moving in with Tsukiko’s family.

From there, it only gets more awkward and weird for Natsuo. First, there is the issue of Rui being his first, and he being hers, and she wants to act like they didn’t have sex at all. Second, there is the fact Hina is used to just living with women, so she doesn’t walk around the house in the most conservative attire.

Third, and this is what ends the episode, after Hina drinks herself to sleep, Natsuo tries to take advantage of her with a kiss and Rui catches him. Leaving us to wonder how she will react.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. In the episode, Natsuo goes to someone named Fumiya to vent and get advice, but it isn’t clear who he is. Fumiya seems too old to be a classmate and considering he looks a lot like Natsuo’s dad, there is the need to question if maybe that is Natsuo’s older brother. However, with him and Natsuo having a different last name, I doubt that they’re siblings.

On The Fence

It Grows On You

Natsuo (Taku Yashiro) asking what should he do about Hina being drunk on the couch, barely clothed.
Natsuo (Taku Yashiro): What am I supposed to do about this?

I found this to be so dull early on. Natsuo seemed like a dime a dozen kind of character, as did Rui, Hina, and damn near every character we met. However, then came the situation of Natsuo living with Rui and Hina which created a comedy element to the show. Especially since Rui seemingly was using Natsuo to see what sex would be like and if it would make her feel different. Add in Hina saying Natsuo is just a kid to her, but then being a bit of a tease and Natsuo not knowing how to process that, it created a bit of interest.

Now, I won’t say it created the kind of interest where I’m excited about the season as a whole, at this time, but the cliffhanger pushes me to want to see the next episode.

First Impression: Mixed (Stick Around)

Hina (Yoko Hikasa) talking to Natsuo drunk off his behind.
Hina (Yoko Hikasa): I’m gonna do my best… To be a good big sis…

I’m a bit torn about this show. On the one hand, there are so many familiar elements to the story that you almost feel like you know the beginning, middle, and end once each character introduces themselves. Yet, once that twist of Natsuo living with Rui and Hina came in, alongside those two being sisters, his sisters once his dad marries their mom, things got interesting. Yes, weird in a way that makes this sound like it could veer towards being hentai, especially considering Natsuo trying to take advantage of Hina.

Leading to why this is getting a mixed label: While the show hooked me towards the end, like a violent anime featuring someone’s guts being ripped out, there is a need to question if this show can keep up this energy for 10 to 12 episodes. Honestly, I don’t think it will. For it is going to have to up itself and its craziness and there always comes the point where things get to be too much, and you have to tap out. Because reason and logic have left and now you are left with a show that seems desperate.


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One Comment

  1. This one ended up not being as bad as expected so for now at least I’m going to give it another episode. It wasn’t great but there were some reasonable elements and if they develop the characters it could be a half-decent drama.

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