Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 24: A Battle With No Tomorrow


With only one episode left, a lot of reconciliation between characters goes down as Embryo reveals his true nature. Paired with that is Salamandinay fighting for the opportunity to free Aura, with the help of her DRAGON allies.

Topic 1: Reconciliation – Rosalie, Chris, and Hilda

Topic 2: I Was A Fool Once Too – Alektra and Salia

Topic 3: What Seemed Like The End – Ange, Alektra, Embryo, and Salamandinay

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Topic 1: Chris continues to battle with Rosalie and Hilda until Embryo learns the DRAGONs are sending reinforcements. With the reinforcements comes the need for him to focus on retrieving Ange so he decides to teleport all his knights, Chris and Salia included, to be placed right before the DRAGON onslaught.

With this, Chris immediately gets feelings of abandonment and betrayal and loses her mind. Despite this, though, Rosalie flies straight toward her, jumps out of her paramail, and snatches Chris from her paramail. Thus leading to them both, bare to all the action, flying downward toward the ground. During that time the two talk, reconcile, Rosalie professes her love and kisses Chris, and before hitting the ground Hilda saves them. Leaving us with the impression the trio are back on decent terms.

Topic 2: As we saw at the end of the last episode, Alektra/ Jill has come to face her former protégé and, like with the Chris/ Rosalie situation, there is an intense battle. However, the different with the Alektra/ Jill vs. Salia battle is that Embryo is the center of their problem. For with Jill having intimate experience with Embryo, she tries to convey that Salia is being used, but it doesn’t click until the aforementioned teleporting. Which isn’t the wakeup call for Salia, as much as it is Embryo still chasing after Ange and abandoning her to die. Thus leading to Jill, once more, trying to wake up Salia, and also saving Salia from almost certain death. Leading to those two, possibly, being on good terms.

Topic 3: While everyone fights outside, Salamandinay is doing her best to try to break the barrier keeping Aura captured. Issue is, the spinning disc keep distracting her so she can’t focus. However, with Ange’s arrival comes opportunity and she uses her song to break the barrier and free Aura.

From there, it seems things could be over, but that is a misconception. The Space-Time convergence continues, despite Aura being free, and then two final things to note happen: The first being that it is revealed that Embryo’s true being is a ragna-mail, as seen by Jill freezing his human body, and the second thing worth noting is Embryo kidnapping Ange, without her clothes. Meaning that, in the final episode, it will be Ange who is likely to finish this saga.


First off, I’m not sure how or why this happened, but the Chris/ Rosalie storyline somehow got me to crying. Which was strange to me since I feel like I’ve never been that invested in neither Chris or Rosalie. So shedding tears when they are hugging, rekindling their friendship, or whatever they got going on, was very strange. Though, with bringing up their relationship, I have to ask: What is everyone on this show? I ask because, with Arzernal being a prison environment, naturally you would expect same-sex relationships, but it is hard to understand where convenience, or lack of options, meets true desires. For while I get there are many identities amongst the LGBTA banner, I’m not sure if Cross Ange is seeking to not make it a big deal, or use the girls sexuality for fan service.

Those thoughts aside, the amount of action, and the prospect of characters risking their life, was awesome to watch. Especially when Ersha seemingly was going to sacrifice herself for Aurora, or when it seemed Jill could have died at the hands of Embryo. For, as said last episode, perhaps the only issues with this series, as a whole, is the fan service, and how it doesn’t let anyone die or stay dead. Outside of that, what more could you ask for?

But I digress. The last thing worth talking about is the Embryo situation. For with Jill helping us discover his being is locked into a Ragna mail, thus explaining why he never sits in the cockpit, it means Ange has quite a final battle on her hands. Though, that battle aside, I must admit that I’m highly curious about how one Ragna mail somehow captured this Aura. For while Embryo is powerful, for reasons I still don’t fully understand, Aura seems like the type of beast who would have to be one pluck on the head away from death to be captured. But being that the next episode is the last, I doubt a lot of the questions, and backstories, I would love to see, and assumingly you too, will be gone into.

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