Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 23: The Warped World


The battle against Embryo begins, and so does the beginning of making peace with former allies.

Topic 1: Reunited & It Feels So Good – Hilda and Ange

Topic 2: The Battle Begins – Ange, Embryo, and Jill

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Topic 1: With Ange returning to Aurora, there are many smiling faces, and strengthened wills to have this battle finally be over. However, among the reunited, Hilda stands out. For while Ange gives Tusk her panties to keep him fighting the good fight, she gives Hilda a kiss. As for why? Well, Hilda confesses her love for Ange and rather than let her down easy, she kisses her and says Hilda has a place in the new world. Now, whether it means her place will be as close to Ange as Tusk currently is, only time will tell.

Topic 2: With the gang all together, alliances made official, and Ange taking on a leadership position, they all set out to the Dawn Pillar to stop Embryo’s plan to merge the two Earths and destroy both worlds in the process. However, as you would expect, Embryo doesn’t just wait for everyone to show up at his door. He sends Chris, Salia, two unnamed associates, and various deterrents in an attempt to stop the newborn Libertus.

Which, as you would expect, doesn’t deter Ange and Aurora much until they face off with Embryo’s close army. This leads to people splitting off and us seeing Rosalie vs. Chris, Embryo fight against Tusk, and then there is Ange vs. Salia. A matchup which includes appearances from Sylvia, who we learn can walk but was too bratty to do so, and then Jill shows up.

After all, when it comes to Salia turning her back on the Arzenal survivors, all roads point to Jill. So, naturally, since Jill is incapable of facing Embryo, she faces her protégé. But, long before she set foot into her paramail, she tells Ange what she needs to finally defeat Embryo: Find the real him. Something which, seemingly, will require transporting to a foreign universe.


With the battle finally on its way, there are many question to ask. The first of many is: what does Embryo’s true form look like? For while he currently presents himself as this maniacal, 20 – 30 something year old, something tells me he probably looks as old and wrinkled as Mr. House from Fallout: New Vegas. Also, with it seeming the series is coming towards its end, and reconciliations almost obligatory between all fighting parties, will we ever get to know Embryo’s background? I ask because, as compelling as he is, I would love to know how in the world did he become this all powerful being? Is it like what Tusk said, and Embryo is some sort of demon? Could it be Embryo might be some sort of paramail manifestation, i.e. some sort of robot or artificial intelligence?

Thoughts about Embryo aside, I do wonder if the show may present any additional deaths before all is said and done? For with Chris, Tusk, Momoka, and others saved from what seemed like their final moments, does this mean we should expect everyone to live till the end? If so, personally I think that would suck. If only because this show, rather cheaply may I add, had Tusk and Momoka live without much explanation as to how in the world they survived. So a death or two I think is quite warranted. Even though I think the likely candidates will be Hilda and Jill.

Things To Note

Tusk uses his mother’s, Vanessa’s, paramail named Arquebus.

Salamandinay bypassed most of the action and is heading straight for Aura. Something she can do thanks to a Cryo Beam Cannon on Aurora. It isn’t mentioned how many Mana users died due to using this cannon, nor is it even noted as if it matters.

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