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Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 22: Necessary


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As Embryo begins the destruction of the old world, old friends and allies come together to begin planning how to stop him.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Disillusioned No More – Ersha & Salia

Topic 2: A Whole New World – Hilda, Embryo, and Salamandinay

Topic 3: 2nd Chances – Ange

Characters & Story

Topic 1: After Embryo’s battle against the DRAGONs and Libertus, destruction is found all around the Misurugi empire castle. Though what is most important is those who are left. Take for example Ersha. In the wake of the battle she finds all her kids dead and begs Embryo to revive them. At first, he makes it seem like something he can’t do. However, within minutes he explains that it isn’t that he can’t do it, but he won’t. Thus leading to Ersha realizing she was manipulated and used, thus sending her to surrender onto Aurora. As for Salia, while she doesn’t head back to Jill/ Alektra, it seems her quest to win Embryo’s love and attention is multiplied after a brief spanking, and her jealousy of Ange refueling her.

Topic 2: As Ersha defects back to her fellow Norma, Embryo begins the destruction of the two Earths in order to make a new one. In the process, he stops Mana from flowing freely to harness Aura’s energy for the task at hand. Something which leads to much chaos on the streets, and eventually Embryo informing empire leaders that they will not have a place in the new world. Which, as you would expect, causes them all to be quite fearful.

As for Hilda and Salamandinay? Well, after an alliance being spoken of for a few episodes, it has now become official. But, before they use their combined forces to attack Embryo, they await Ange’s return.

Topic 3: Rather than have his vehicle auto-pilot Ange to Aurora, Tusk seemingly set the destination to where they first met. Leading to Ange to reminisce on her journey thus far, those who lost, and how it is mostly her fault. Thus making thoughts of suicide come to her head, but she ends up enable to go through with it.

A good thing too since, miraculously, she finds both Tusk and Momoka alive and well. How exactly did they live after two monstrous explosions? Well, that isn’t fully explained. But with them alive comes renewed hope and vitality in Ange, and with a call to Villkiss, and it magically appearing, it seems Libertus is back on – full speed.


First and foremost, how in the hell did Momoka and Tusk survive, much less get to the far-out island where we met Tusk? Something about that is exponentially fishy, and I’m glad Ange addressed the situation. For while this is a sci-fi/ mecha series, I’m calling BS on this. Though, all things considered, who is saying Embryo didn’t make a compromise and revived Momoka and Tusk as some sort of twisted wedding gift?

Ange’s side-eye worthy story aside, I remain highly curious of how this show is to end. For, as of now, no weakness has been exposed when it comes to Embryo. I mean, yeah, he is highly reliant on Aura to do many of the task he does, but is Aura the key to everything dealing with Embryo’s abilities? Is Aura the reason he can regenerate and appear immortal; is Aura what allows him to take over millions of minds in a single swoop; and, if Aura is the source to all his power, it leads you to wonder what were his capabilities before Aura? Since, from what the show has presented, even before Aura was kidnapped Embryo was quite powerful. Making Tusk’s demon comment even more interesting since maybe that is what Embryo is!

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