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Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Episode 21: What Is Left

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As Salamandinay and Hilda lead an attack on Misurugi, the two people who care about Ange the most put their life on the line to make sure she can escape.

Topic 1: A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends – Hilda, Chris, and Rosalie

Topic 2: Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make, I’ll Be Watching You – Embryo and Ange (Featuring Tusk and Momoka)

Characters & Story

With the appearance of Salamandinay, and her forces joined with Hilda and Rosalie, a small time battle occurs at the Misurugi Empire castle. One which reveals why Chris left, in full, and leads too many of Ersha’s children dying. Though, they are not alone. One of Rosalie’s little trainees, Marika, also dies in the fight as Hilda and Rosalie try to retreat. Thankfully though, it seems their retreat, and Salamandinay’s, ends well. Also, Riza is able to get away from the sadistic Sylvia.

As for Ange and company? Well, as Ange tries to escape Villkiss is shot down and this leads to a long and arduous journey toward freedom. For with us learning Embryo can take over any Norma user, including Momoka, Ange pretty much is surrounded on all sides. Thankfully though, a quick jolt wakes up Momoka so she can be of more help, but again and again, no matter where they run or drive to, Embryo finds them. Leading to two sacrifices: Momoka, and then Tusk. Momoka sacrifices herself in order to slow Embryo’s Forever like resurrection down, and Tusk fights him off long enough for Ange to be auto-piloted back to Aurora. And with both of them last being seen before an explosion, it seems the likelihood of either being alive is slim. That is, unless the master manipulator known as Embryo decides to revive them.


First and foremost, I do feel like the traitors of Arzenal/ Aurora have the weakest stories for their turn coating. Which isn’t to say the reason doesn’t seem justified, but the way it plays out just does nothing for me. For while each of their sob stories hold merit, it isn’t like say, Akatsuki no Yona, in which there is the type of emotional display in which you actually feel something. But considering these characters were never really strongly focused on, except Salia, then perhaps to expect them to have a real moment in the sun was a waste of time.

As for Ange and the Embryo situation, with the death of two major characters comes the question of how in the hell is she going to destroy this immortal man? For, at this point, it seems even isolating him isn’t going to work for if he starves to death he could revive and pop up somewhere. So, really, what is there to do? Place him in some other dimension?

Things To Note

Tusk calls Embryo the Demon of Heiselberg which was very curious.

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