Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 19: Tuner of Time


In “Tuner of Time,” Ange comes face to face with Embyro, and learns what he offered Salia, Chris, and Ersha, to lead them to betray Jill and the survivors of Arzenal.

Topic 1: In The Heart of Aurora – Jill & Hilda

Topic 2: The Abandoned & Those Without Hope – Salia, Chris, and Ersha

Topic 3: Coming Face to Face with God – Ange & Embryo

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: In The Heart of Aurora – Jill & Hilda

With the possible sacrifice of Vivian and Tusk [1], Aurora is able to escape Ersha and Chris’ attack. But while the ship is safe, a storm brews underneath. For with Libertus heavily reliant on Villkiss, and Ange taken by Salia, the survivors of Arzenal are now lost. However, Hilda seems to be ready and willing to bring Ange back. As for Jill, she is first upset at herself for not making Ange more blindly loyal, and all the while is dealing with nightmares which focus on the time period in which Embryo had influence over her mind, and perhaps her heart.


Being that Aurora being submerged seems to be the sole tactic protecting it, you have to wonder why is Embryo allowing its survival? Could it be he is just so bored that he’d rather wait and see what they may come up versus just ending them once and for all? Also, I must admit I am wondering what is the full story between Alektra, aka Jill, and Embryo. For it seems he may have captured her as he tried to capture Ange, but there could be more to that story. As for Hilda? Well, considering whatever feelings she has for Ange, and her desire for freedom, who knows what tactics she may be willing to use. Either way, the survivors of Arzenal have an uphill battle on their hands if Ange doesn’t get in contact with the DRAGONs.

Topic 2: The Abandoned & Those Without Hope – Salia, Chris, and Ersha

In the episode we learn why Salia, Chris, and Ersha abandoned the survivors of Arzenal, and especially Jill, for Embryo. Of which, the answers all come down to what he can offer them. For Salia and Chris, he offers companionship, acceptance, and maybe some loving for Salia. As for Ersha, he provides a safe environment for the kids she cares about, and even revived them, as he did Chris, so they can rejoin the living. Leading to you understand that the basic needs of their humanity is why they are defending a man who has spent most of their lives being the prison guard with the master key.


I won’t say the reasons behind the betrayal were weak, but they were very predictable. With that said though, it seems that with them fighting for their own brand of happiness, rather than simply their survival, it has brought new life to the characters. Also, in a way, it reveals a bit about Embryo as well. For with him being immortal, it seems he likes to grant wishes to not only make people happy, if not give purpose, but because perhaps he is lonely and bored with life as well. Otherwise, why offer himself as the lover or friend these girls desire?

Topic 3: Coming Face to Face with God – Ange & Embryo

With Salia shooting her with a tranquilizer and bringing her to Misurugi, Ange finds herself the opportunity to meet Embryo personally. Of course, though, it requires some effort. For between beating Salia in hand to hand combat, trying to see if either Ersha or Chris could become allies once more, and dealing with Sylvia, she finally gets the opportunity to meet the man who maybe known as god, but considers himself more a “tuner of time.”

Though, despite shooing off the idea of being god, it seems he is able to illicit some sort of influence which is beyond mana or human communication. Leading to him nearly taking advantage of Ange the way he seemingly once did to Alektra. However, despite making Ange undress, groping her, and doing other things, his kiss reminds Ange of Tusk and then the magic is over. But with multiple headshots not doing the trick, it seems Ange has to find out how in the world can she kill Embryo?


A part of me feels Embryo’s existence, as we have thus far seen, is similar to Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas. He is but a projection of an extremely weakened individual whose mobility is likely limited. However, despite his body decaying, histhe mind and his power are limitless. Making it so Aura probably isn’t just supporting Mana, but his powers and life force.

Though, theory aside, I do wonder where Tusk and Vivian are. Much less, how are the DRAGONs doing in their world? For with one major defeat, who knows how their forces currently are. Never mind if they maybe willing to negotiate with their former murderers to fight Embryo.

Things To Note

[1] Who aren’t seen after Ange finds herself shot by Salia with a tranquilizer.

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