Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 18: The Sea of Parting


With Ange’s return means conversations of Libertus. Something which has a higher possibility of success if the DRAGONs are involved, but with decades of fighting against them comes distrust. To the point, Ange has to play negotiator in order for any type of relationship between the two sides.

Topic 1: Debrief, Future Plans, and Catching Up – Ange & Jill (Featuring Hilda)

Topic 2: We Are All Tools For Libertus – Jill & Ange (Featuring Tusk)

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Debrief, Future Plans, and Catching Up – Ange & Jill (Featuring Hilda)

With Ange’s sudden discovery comes a lot of questions of where she has been, and with the answer being that she was in a parallel universe in which Earth is ruled by genetically modified humans, which are known as DRAGONs in their world, the answer is quickly accepted. The thing is, though, where to go from here? For with Villkiss back, it means Libertus can happen again, but even Villkiss can’t wipe out all Embryo currently has at his disposal. Leading to the idea, from Ange, to make an alliance with the DRAGONs, a sort of, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, type of deal.

Something which is approved of, mostly by everyone but Jill, till the last minute, but more details on that in topic 2. Now, with Ange’s return there isn’t just a debrief, but questions about this man she brought back – mostly from Hilda. For with Hilda likely having a thing for Ange, as can be seen during their shower scene, jealousy is in the air. However, with Ange confessing she has don’t nothing with Tush, some reassurance is given to Hilda. It should be noted, though, no feelings of love or liking are expressed.


With the conversation of an alliance between Norma and DRAGONs just now happening, it makes me question why Salamandinay didn’t think of this? For while she thought her singularity would open to directly attack the Misurugi Empire, you’d think her growing trust of Ange would have led to her, and the rest of the leaders, really trying to cross their Ts and dot their Is. After all, if Embryo could steal the most powerful of them, and they had but one spy, you’d think they would have had a backup plan. Especially since they are virtually safe in their world and seemingly had all the time they could require to make plans. Hell, at this point, considering some of them look humanesque, it is surprising none of them tried to infiltrate Arzenal since that was the home of their enemies.

Those thoughts aside, I do wonder if Hilda is into Ange to the point of saying something or not. For with the last time we seeing her showing she is into Ange, or perhaps just big breast, it does lead you to wonder if when she messed around with Rosalie and Chris, and Zola to some extent, if it really was just for power. For while she seemingly has some sort of feelings toward men, due to calling Ange selfish when it comes to just bringing one male back, it does seem that she isn’t going to approach Tusk like she may Ange. Even if they aren’t necessarily together.

Topic 2: We Are All Tools For Libertus – Jill & Ange (Featuring Tusk)

With the possibility of Libertus happening, Jill shows how much her mindset hasn’t changed since she was royalty and had mana users at her beck and call. For with her believing all are tools for Libertus, whether norma or DRAGON, you begin to see this call to arms is completely selfish. After all, her and Embryo’s relationship is something twisted to the point it seems she lost more than an arm to him, but perhaps her dignity [1]. Making it so Libertus’ goals maybe what she sells to the people, but personal satisfaction in seeing, if not just knowing, Embryo is dead is the real goal.

Thus leading to her plan which means using the DRAGONs as a distraction, if not just sacrificial lamb, as Villkiss positions itself to directly attack Misurugi’s Dawn Pillar and kill Embryo. Completely ignoring the DRAGON’s objective of retrieving Aura. This, naturally, Ange isn’t for so Jill made sure to kidnap, and threaten the life of, Momoka to get Ange to cooperate. What she didn’t plan for though was Tusk putting noxious gas in the vents to knock everyone out long enough to escape. Something they almost do, but with Jill stabbing herself in the leg comes enough pain to not be put to sleep. Leading to a nice battle in which Ange puts her cooperation on the line, which Jill loses, and then it being decided she will negotiate an alliance under her own terms. That is, if Salia and the rest of the traitors don’t slow her down, if not stop her.


A part of me wonders how Hilda may respond to not being thought about during this escape, for with her affections for Ange becoming more apparent, since they escaped together, and shared a cell, you know she is going to have something to say. Besides that though, the question remains in the air: Why did those three, Ersha, Chris, and Salia, go to the other side? For while Salia’s reason could be understood, not the other two. For Ersha, it could have been the kids she cares for, but what about Chris?

Also, there comes the question if we may ever get a full episode dedicated to the fail of the first Libertus, much less what Embryo did to Jill. For with it seeming like he had sex with her, though more so raped her, and that being her driving force more than anything, some clarification would be nice. Plus, considered Tusk’s story has never been fully explored, it would be nice to see his parents and get a more full view of his life and history.

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