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Cross Ange (Rondo of Angel and Dragon): Season 1/ Episodes 17 to 25 [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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With Salamandinay deciding it is time to rescue Aura, it presents an opportunity for Ange and Husk to return home. The question is, though, will they return home and be neutral, or perhaps fight alongside the DRAGON clans who they have fought against for so long?

Topic 1: Thank Yous and Preparation – Ange & Salamandinay

Topic 2: The Ambush – Ange & Salamandinay

Topic 3: Say Hello To Old Faces – Ange

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Episode 17 – The Black Angel of Destruction

Topic 1: Thank Yous and Preparation – Ange & Salamandinay

With Embryo’s preemptive attacked thwarted, and Lizardia, aka Riza, saying she found Aura beneath the Misurugi Empire, all the information, and will, needed are in perfect tune. Thus leading to Salamandinay saying it is time. However, one thing she would like is Ange by her side in this. For while Ange is free, she has shown herself a worthy ally. One which the people love, though some still may not trust.

Alas, though, Ange just wants to go back to her own world. For while she sympathizes, to a point, with the DRAGONs, after all, the fighting she has done, it seems she just wants to be neutral. Something which doesn’t last for long.


With the goodbyes happening we learn that their world isn’t called Sylphis, but more so that is simply one of their many clans. Leading you to wonder, outside of Salamandinay, who are the other leaders? For while this anime isn’t going to be long enough to cover them all, I’m sure the war stories, and history of each clan, could be interesting to hear. At least to me anyway.

Topic 2: The Ambush – Ange & Salamandinay

Salamandinay is under the impression that once the singularity to Ange’s world opens, they would be right over the Misurugi Empire. Incorrect. For, you see, Embryo, thanks to torturing Lizardia, learned about their plot and changed things. Thus leading to an ambush by 5 or so paramails. Of which, 3 are familiar faces. The first being Chris, who I thought was dead; Ersha; and then Salia. All of which are slaughtering DRAGONs in Embryo’s name. Then their focus is Ange. Someone who Embryo wants brought in but, thanks to Ange’s VillKiss power, she, alongside Tusk and Vivian, get away.


The main thing I got out of this topic is that 1: Embryo isn’t all knowing, just perhaps all powerful. Meaning he does potentially have a weakness. The second thing worth noting is Chris and Ersha are alive, and after being taken, and are either brainwashed or back in a similar circumstance to what they were in when Arzenal was up in running. Though perhaps the biggest surprise out of all this was Salia. If only because you’d think, after crashing into the ocean, she would have sought out Jill. But, with Jill leading to disappointment after disappointment, it is only natural she would try to find someone who would pet her ego.

Topic 3: Say Hello To Old Faces – Ange

Rather than Ange escaping back to Salamandinay’s world, she ends up at the ruins of Arzenal. A place which looks long abandoned. However, not too long after setting camp, and making some fish to eat, from the water comes what looks like alien creatures, but ends up being Rosalie, Hilda, and Momoka. Leading to a gleeful reunion which is only tainted by Hilda, for some reason, grabbing onto Tusk’s genitals.


It has felt too long since we have seen Hilda and the rest of them. Leading you to wonder what has been going on?! For Jill is now a ship captain, with Emma either being a hostage or a proper ally, and you have to wonder if they are in hiding and trying to simply lay low, or just planning for an opportune moment to strike. Either way, we have around 7 episodes left, either of the season or series, so there is so much catching up to do and so little time.

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