Big Mouth: Season 2/ Episode 6 “Drug Buddies” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Jessie gets Nick high, Lila and Andrew become a thing and the Shame Wizard finally gets what he wanted.

Director(s) Joel Moser
Writer(s) Gil Ozeri
Air Date 10/5/2018

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You Wanna Get High?: Judd, Jessie, Nick, Gina

Add stealing from her dad and doing drugs to Jessie’s list of recent crimes. But, at the very least, this time she shares her spoils. Issue is, the edibles Jessie steals cause Nick some serious paranoia. The kind which leads him to freaking out and thinking he is having a heart attack. Luckily, seeing Gina and reconciling with her calms him down. Alongside Judd, for a short while, being kind to him. That is until he sicks a bunch of raccoons onto Nick.


Jessi discovering Greg's drugs.
Jessi: Woah! Is this— | Connie: Ganja?

Anyone else just want an episode focused on Nick’s family? Maybe even just Leah and Judd? I’d love to see what a day in their lives is like. Especially Judd since Leah fairly often gets featured, even in skits like in the last episode, but Judd is rarely seen or heard from.

Those two aside, with Gina and Nick friends again, does that mean he may get over his friend zone fears or will she end up dating him? OOOO considering last season went over consent, you think this season may talk about preferences? How to present them without sounding like a used douchebag?

Dating My Dad: Andrew, Lola, Marty, Maury, Shame Wizard

Thanks to the Shame Wizard giving Maury drugs, he is unable to advise Andrew properly on a way to break up with Lola. Which, with her need for intimacy and validation, leads to them making out in public and grinding – to the point of Andrew ejaculating. Leaving Maury kind of conflicted. That is until Lola meets Marty. Those two in the same room seem like father and daughter. Thus pressing Andrew to break up with her because all her bad qualities no longer compensate having someone to make out with. Maybe have sex with if he asked.

Thus leaving Lola heart broken, breaking Andrew’s hand in return, and the Shame Wizard claiming another victory.


A Marty-Lola hybrid.
Mo-la: It’s me, Mo-la

I want to feel bad for Lola, since she has a sort of Jay appeal to her, but she doesn’t have any redeemable qualities. Her life is just unfortunate and she takes that out on people. That is, in comparison to Jay whose life sucks but he tries to make the best out of it. He is still relatively nice to people. Says and does some whacked ass things, but doesn’t intentionally try to hurt anyone really.

With that said, is there an end game for the Shame Wizard? As seen with Rick, it seems once you have sex the hormone monster kicks rocks. So does the Shame Wizard tag out with anxiety, depression, or another mental illness? Anyone else surprised none of those things have been brought up yet. Especially with Missy?

Speaking of Missy, I can swear Connie introduced herself to Missy in episode 8. Why don’t they interact? We saw Rick pull double duty with Steve and Nick so what’s up?

The Shame Wizard Claims Another: Greg, Shannon, Jessie, Shame Wizard

After Jessie’s drug-fueled afternoon, she returns home and Shannon flips out. With knowing Greg’s drugs got into their daughter’s system, it’s over. 20 years ago they may have been in love but now he gives her nothing but frustration. So, he gets kicked out and rather than Connie show up, ready to rage, the Shame Wizard gets to her.


The Shame Wizard working his magic.
Shame Wizard: It appears those good old days are gone forever.

How does this hormone monster thing work exactly? I get once you start puberty you get one, but them appearing and disappearing at will throws me off. Especially in terms of Connie. At this point, it seems she is just there for when Jessie needs to rage and do bad things and otherwise entertains herself elsewhere. Perhaps not wanting to deal with the boredom of Jessie’s everyday life but more so act like the demon on her shoulder.

But, as said before, you have to wonder if there may come a point when Jessie realizes that all Connie provides is bad advice and cathartic release.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, will Nick ever get a new hormone monster?


  1. Judd making a meaningful appearance.
  2. Nick and Gina reconciling.
  3. Us seeing what happens when Connie finds out the Shame Wizard has gotten to her girl.

Low Points

  1. The fact Missy and Connie don’t interact at all, despite her being her hormone monster. I guess she is too boring.

On The Fence

  1. How Lola is handled as a character. If not her, Jay, and maybe Steve. The ones who clearly got issues and the show teeter-totters between making fun of that and taking it seriously.

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