Steve has the opportunity to have sex, with someone who isn’t a sex worker, and the Shame Wizard tries to claim another child. Network Netflix Director(s) Bob Suarez Writer(s) Joe Wengert Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may…

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Steve has the opportunity to have sex, with someone who isn’t a sex worker, and the Shame Wizard tries to claim another child.

Director(s) Bob Suarez
Writer(s) Joe Wengert
Air Date 10/5/2018

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I’ve Been A Bad Girl: Connie, The Shame Wizard, Jessie

Connie pretty much has Jessie on a crime spree at this point. But things get awkward when she gets caught by the pharmacist who blabs about every pill people are or have taken. Including her dad taking Viagra and mom Klonopin. Which begins to lead The Shame Wizard into thinking he could take Jessie and entrap Connie. Thing is, unlike Maury, Connie ain’t nobody’s b****. So she not only makes it clear Jessie isn’t ashamed of nothing, just angry, but also she will f*** the Shame Wizard up.


The local pharmacist spilling everyone's prescription tea.
Pharmacist: You mom’s double down on her Klonopin, first of all.

Um, why is Shannon taking Klonopin? Based off a quick Google search, that is for seizures, panic disorders, and anxiety. Stuff we haven’t really seen of Shannon. Well, at least until Dina came into her life. So will this be what breaks the rage? Jessie realizing her mom is going through a lot and maybe Dina is trying to get her off pills? Perhaps get her on some new age stuff which clearly isn’t helping?

Also, I think it is becoming clear the Shame Wizard might only be effective on people like Andrew who don’t have any real support system. I mean, yeah, he has Maury, but Maury is only good for certain situations. Usually co-signing depravity of some kind.

When Shame & Pleasure Align: Lola, Andrew, Nick, Devin, DeVon, Gina, Maury, The Shame Wizard

As you can imagine, Devin isn’t going to take DeVon leaving her for Gina. Those two, with their breakup to makeup drama, are on an endless cycle and Devin wants it to start back up again. So, to make DeVon jealous, she asks out Nick since Lola likes Andrew. Leading to a double date from hell. One which leaves Nick, trying to impress Devin, and also show off since Gina is there, being stuck on a zip line, because he is on 75 pounds, and Lola pantsing him. Which is only made worse by his dad pulling down his pants to lessen the embarrassment. Thus revealing he was stalking them, with Nick’s mom, to make sure the date goes well.

This causes the dad to be arrested, for exposing himself, Devin and DeVon back together, and us learning that the Shame Wizard can’t touch Nick. Just because his family makes it so, even in a moment like that, he can’t get to him.

And while that is happening, Lola is going off on Andrew and somehow the Shame Wizard and Maury end up having their goals align. As Lola shames Andrew, he steps to her and joins in by being self-deprecating. They get closer and closer and eventually are making out. Thus setting off Maury, who is howling like a dog, and the Shame Wizard also getting his own kicks.


Andrew and Lola making out as the Shame Wizard Watches.
Shame Wizard: That’s dandy.

Oh god, this means more Lola, doesn’t it? Which, I guess won’t be too bad but the thing about Lola is she is funny in the same way Jay’s dog is funny. A good one-liner here and there, and she’s good. However, the more screen time, the more she talks, and then it becomes, is this girl funny or just plain offensive? Or am I’m just coming up with ways to find this offensive so that I can justify my hate?

Lola aside, here is hoping they let Nick recover by it being made clear he is more of a grower than a shower. Because, it seems Devin took pictures, Gina saw, and while a nice guy, and these kids are only 13, recovering from that might be hard. Perhaps impossible considering the way a lot of people are on this show. But, who knows, we talked about body issues with the girls this season so maybe the boys will get a shout out as well? It may not be as dominant of an issue, but it still exists.

Let Me Be Your Gary: Steve, Jay’s Mom, Jay, Rick, Nick

As established last season, Jay’s mom and dad frequently cheat on one another. Thus putting Steve at the right place at the right time for she’ll even sleep with him. Something which is quite exciting for him and even Rick, but then there is Jay. He wants permission to sleep with Jay’s mom because he has become close to the kid and doesn’t want to ruin that. So, he offers becoming his Gary.

Now, who is Gary? Well, Gary did “push-ups” on Steve’s mom before he killed himself. So, what Steve is offering is a father figure. Which, of course, with Jay not having a healthy and stable relationship with anyone, someone asking to have one with him? Oh, he gives Steve permission for the trade seems to absolutely benefit him.

Leading to some awkward sex, since Steve is a virgin, but luckily Jay’s mom thinks he is roleplaying and goes with it. In fact, it seems he may even have been good since she didn’t seem upset the day after they had sex. Which, with that way that family is, you know if it wasn’t good she’d make it clear.

But, with Steve having sex means Rick is done with him and also plans to retire. Leaving Nick on his own and without a hormone monster.


Jay being fine with Steve having sex with his mom if that means getting a Gary.
Jay: […] but if it hets me a Gary, let’s give it a shot.

First and foremost, with Rick gone, does that mean Maury will pick up his caseload or a new hormone monster will be introduced? Also, is that the end goal for all hormone monsters? Once their kid has sex, they’re finished? Also, would the same apply to the Shame Wizard or is he with them for life?

That aside, considering how messed up Steve’s childhood was, apparently, since Gary killed himself with Steve in the car, I’m glad him and Jay are connecting. Like when Jay hooked up with Jessie, I think Jay’s messed up life makes it so he understands what most of the kids are going through, in one way or another. However, no one comes to him to relate or console him. Hell, unless it is to avoid something, they barely talk to him. So, I gotta admit, the sappy part of me was touched by Steve asking Jay’s permission to have sex with his mom and be his Gary.

Which I recognize is completely weird but to them, it’s normal. So that respect right there, caring about how Jay might feel, it got me a little emotional.


  1. Steve becoming Jay’s Gary, even if that makes Steve a mistress.
  2. With Jessie learning about the pills her mom is taking, maybe she’ll lay off a little and calm down. Maybe have a conversation with her parents vs. raging.
  3. The Shame Wizard noting that Nick’s home life makes it where he isn’t worth the effort.

On The Fence

  1. This Lola and Andrew storyline.
  2. What may become of Nick and

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