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It seems the being that haunted Missy finds its way to Andrew. As that happens, Jessie becomes more rebellious and Nick tries to woo Gina.

Director(s) Joel Moser
Writer(s) Victor Quinaz
Air Date 10/5/2018

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Rebel, Rebel: Jessie, Connie, Shannon

The downward spiral continues for Jessie as Connie now convinces her to steal from pharmacies and her mom Shannon. Leaving you to wonder, what will be rock bottom?


So where is this going exactly? Is Jessie going to dye her hair, find a way to get kicked out of school, and maybe throw a house party? She’s 13 so we’re going to leave the worse off the table. However, there is a need to wonder what happened? Jessie went from the lead dealing with having a period and one of her first relationships to just being a rebellious teen.

Which isn’t to say her storyline isn’t important, might have some meaning in the long run, but it’s hard to say what that might be as of now.

The Shame Court Is Now In Session: Shame Wizard, Maury, Leah, Andrew

Remember how Missy suddenly found herself ashamed of her body? Did you wonder if that was her mind or something else? Well, it very well might have been the Shame Wizard in disguise. Now, who is this Shame Wizard being? Considering him the opposite of Maury. Instead of encouraging sexual exploration, he shames you for it. Though, in the case of Andrew, his shame is warranted. He did sniff Leah’s bathing suit and tried to masturbate to it, after all. Then got caught by Leah in the act.


Maury apologizing to Andrew for not protecting him against The Shame Wizard.
Maury: I’m sorry, Andrew | Andrew: It’s okay.

I don’t know if it is the name, the Shame Wizard looking like it is based off a Duke Ellington template, or the storyline, but I found myself rolling my eyes more than I think I should of. Maybe it is because, as Maury said, there were other moments you’d figure the Shame Wizard would have appeared. Perhaps it is because the Shame Wizard likely tried to mess with Missy but got defeated in a single episode. Either way, like with Jessie, I’m hoping the storylines of this episode won’t last too long.

I Just Wanted To Be Loved: Nick, Gina, Jay, Steve, DeVon

Jay and Steve find each other this episode as Jay waits for his mom to pick him up. Perhaps giving Jay a real friend and Steve as well. Speaking of real friends, Gina and Nick grow rather close. In fact, Nick meets Gina’s family and they seem to like him. Problem is, Gina is with DeVon. A serious problem for Nick to the point he decides to give Gina an ultimatum. He likes her too much to be friends so if she can’t be something more, they’re over.


Jay excited that he made a friend.
Jay: My best friend is an adult man!

Though ultimatums are messed up, I kind of respect Nick. If this was Andrew, I could imagine him suffering through the season and complaining. Nick, on the other hand, even if it was a douche move, made it clear that he can’t be friends and if she can’t consider him something more, it’s over. With that said, he knows she has a boyfriend so this is really a futile ultimatum. Also, she said she has had a crush on DeVon forever. Did this boy really think he had a chance? I can’t wait to hear Leah’s thoughts.

As for Jay and Steve? I guess Jay is going to be Steve’s guide to adulthood. Maybe, in return, Steve might be someone consistent in Jay’s life. For Steve’s kindness is completely foreign to Jay. So here is hoping, when Jay inevitably blows up, Steve sticks around.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. The Shame Wizard was the one who was messing with Missy right?


  1. Nick not believing in the friend zone and deciding, rather than suffer with unrequited feelings, just say he doesn’t think he can just be friends.

Low Points

  1. This Jessie rebel storyline.

On The Fence

  1. Where this Shame Wizard thing might go.
  2. This Jay and Steve thing could either become a tear-jerker, or some of the weirdest moments of the season.

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