Andrew reacting to Nick proposing they skip school together and go to New York.

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Nick telling Andrew that they are going to New York

Two kids from Westchester head to the big city and learn what secrets are hidden within it. Meanwhile, Jay gets his pillow pregnant.

You’re Having My Pillow Baby?: Jay

As established, Jay made a fleshlight out of his pillow. One which apparently is a living being which is 40 and capable of getting pregnant. Of which, because he is 13, Jay would like to abort but the pillow, named Pam, says no. Though with the reveal it is actually Curt’s baby, Jay’s older brother, things get awkward. But, despite that, Jay is down to raise it. However, Pam decides to go away. To where? Well, we may never know.

One Day In New York City: Andrew, Nick

Andrew and Nick reacting to seeing Jessi's mom making out with a woman.

Out of nowhere, a girl names Roland texts Nick and despite probably not having too many conversations with her, Nick is ready to head into the city. Especially because he thinks it may be an opportunity to make out. Which it could have been. Problem is, Andrew is a terrible wingman. All he does on the trip is complain and embarrass Nick. On top of that, he ruins an opportunity for Nick to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A possible once in a lifetime opportunity for Nick! Especially since his basketball player dreams are likely not going to happen.

But while dealing with Andrew’s nonsense, and getting a tour of the city thanks to the ghost of Duke Ellington, guess what the boys see? Jessi’s mom making out with another woman! Something she sees them noticing and she kind of confronts them but with her not wanting her business out there, she turns the other way. Thus leaving the boys with this huge secret they are unable to tell Jessi.

On The Fence

Jay’s Storyline

Jay proposing to the pillow he got pregnant.

I’m all for anthropomorphic beings and all, but considering this was the rare time Jay wasn’t an accessory to Andrew and Nick, I was hoping his solo feature could have had more. On one hand, we get the usual horny bastard with a serious anger problem. That’s fine. However, him falling for his pillow, being ready to raise his brother’s pillow baby and all that, while ridiculous, it makes me wish something different was done with Jay.

For, just over analyzing him, it seems clear that Jay badly wants and needs intimacy to the point he’d imagine it with a pillow. One which, even if the pillow slept with his brother and had his baby, he’d stick with just because the pillow is one of the few things which makes him not only feel good but consistently wanted. Which I get maybe the deeper meaning, or point, with Pam but… you know what, I just don’t get comedy sometimes. That is really all I can chalk it up to. Because after it being established that magic is Jay’s only escape from a neglectful and abusive home life, it is hard to find something funny since they seem like coping mechanisms.

If you are wondering how I even came up with that, it is because of this reblog on my Tumblr. More so the comments than the story.

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