As we learn there is yet another level to those similar to Koku and Minatsuki, Keith is pushed to talk more about his sister Erika. Network Netflix Director(s) Kazuto Nakazawa, Yoshiki Yamakawa Writer(s) Katsuya Ishida Air Date 3/2/2018 What is a Regie (Reggie): Koku, Keith So, there are the 13 with godlike pieces, which includes…

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As we learn there is yet another level to those similar to Koku and Minatsuki, Keith is pushed to talk more about his sister Erika.

Director(s) Kazuto Nakazawa, Yoshiki Yamakawa
Writer(s) Katsuya Ishida
Air Date 3/2/2018

What is a Regie (Reggie): Koku, Keith

So, there are the 13 with godlike pieces, which includes Minatsuki’s eye, but there are also those like Kamui, who is a Reggie. Which basically are disposable demi-gods who are only useful for 20 years. After those 20 years they lose their ability to think rationally and without the serum, we see them end up like Kamui. Needing to down the serum every half hour or so, or else they go insane past the point they are meant to.

And it is also noted, Reggies are the ones who stormed the institute so to assume Reggies fill the ranks of the Market Makers probably wouldn’t be too far off. The question is though, how many exist outside of the Market Makers? Also, when it comes to Dead Kyle, the Raven-Haired murder machine, why did he confess to Erika’s death if he likely didn’t do it?


Mystery on mystery on mystery. Is it just me, or this show desires so badly to be complex that it only ends up unnecessarily convoluted? You got the 13, of which it seems the older ones are “The Promising Ones” and there is Koku who I guess is as close to perfect as they got. However, now there are the Reggies? Were they the product of the inbreeding before Keith’s father got involved?

Also, why make Erika’s death more complicated? A Reggie killed her because he was crazy or ordered to since it might have been believed she knew where Koku was. Make it simple. Craft a mystery should just come naturally. Otherwise, you’re just digging a pit that you’ll have to use a ladder to get out of. Thus killing all this intrigue with a quick answer to it all.

Working Within The System: Eric, Boris, Lily

With the RIS being closely watched by the Market Makers, and Eric knowing this, he puts his faith in Lily to handle the situation. For it is clear that, despite Eric going to bat for Keith, he is willing to screw him over. So, with the help of Boris, they put a track on Lily and Eric pisses her off to the point of her going on her own to find Keith.

Which he specifically trust Lily to do since he believes, past her stereotypical and sort of annoying ways, that she is very much like Keith. Something we see in how she figures out all the seemingly random codes and formulas within his house to discover an image which honestly looked like Kaela but apparently was his sister Erika. Who Boris tells her about.

Eric saying Lily is suspended.

And with so many questions bubbling up, she, of course, goes to Eric and he decides to trigger her to the point that him suspending her won’t come off suspicious and will only drive up her drive more. Leading her to, eventually, discover Keith and Koku’s hideout. Alongside leading Minatsuki to them as well.


With how much we have gone back and delved into Koku’s childhood, now I’m wondering if we may go 10 to 7 years back to see how Keith was back then, as well as meet Erika. Because I honestly feel more and more of our interest is being directed at investing in the past than the present or future. Like, I want to see how Koku survived on his own up until now. Keith kidnapped a suspect and ended up in archives for 7+ years, how was that? Also, when his dad died, what was Keith and Erika’s reaction? How was their mother and, what was life for them before he died?

When it comes to what is coming next in the show, I don’t get any real excitement. I’m not invested in what the Market Makers are doing now whether we’re talking about Regulus and him touting himself as a prophet or what Minatsuki is up to. Keith’s future inspires no curiosity since he himself seems to trek through life, and his current investigation, like it is an obligation. And not in terms of getting justice but more so because his thought would nag him far too much to just let things go. So he has no choice but to look into things.

Something we’re also presented with Lily but with her being more upbeat about it. Though, it doesn’t make the present/ future any more appealing sadly.

Who is #2 & Why Are There Bullets Flying?: Lily, Keith, Koku, Minatsuki

One of the twins attacking Koku, Lily, and Keith with a machine gun.

So, after the establishing of Reggies come more theories about who did what, who controls who, and while it is clear to Keith that #1 has some sort of mind control or memory altering power, who is #2? There has to be a second in command or partner and with, assumingly, Minatsuki being the non-human, then #2 would have to be a human right?

But what would Minatsuki need with a human? This is what stage Keith is at in his investigation and what Koku is forced to listen to as he just wants an idea where Yuna is. But, not too long after Keith reveals his reason for helping Koku, even risking his life, Lily shows up, takes them home, and chews them both out.

This only gets interrupted by one of the twins, who work for Minatsuki, using some kind of machine gun, despite being told not to do something since drastic, and firing off as many rounds as they can.


So we’re dealing with twins who don’t do every last thing together. That’s different. Of course, we have no idea what this twin’s name is or if they will be a throwaway character massacred in the next episode but hey, what else is new with B – The Beginning.


  1. It’s making the past more and more interesting to learn about.
  2. Minatsuki we learn, officially, is Koku’s brother.

Low Points

  1. However, it is at the cost of the present and future of the characters.
  2. We have another villain without a name, not much in the way of a background, and who seems very expendable.

On The Fence

  1. We learned about Reggies and how they were involved in Erika’s death. But then Keith presented his usual over-analysis of things which acted as a quick and efficient turn-off.

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