Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 4 “Farewell” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Though you have experienced one of the moments in the “Farewell” episode before, it is a whole other thing getting to play a part in it.

Date Released 3/5/2018
Genre Point and Click, Slice of Life

Play Through Time

1 hour, 15 minutes


It’s Max and Chloe’s final day together, and you get to choose how it ends. Will it be all about reliving your pirate phase together, addressing some of Chloe’s issues at school, or will you decide to spoil the whole day with talking about growing up? Perhaps growing apart? It’s really that simple. We know what happens after perhaps the most traumatic week in Chloe’s life, but now you get to shape the beginning of what became a long and difficult period.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“I think when you’re a kid, you’re only afraid of the things that can hurt you. But when you get older, you become more afraid of hurting the people you care about.”
—”Farewell.” Life Is Strange: Before The Storm


It’s Like a Video Game OVA

“Farewell” is truly a bonus episode. It isn’t necessarily needed to complete the Life Is Strange narrative, for the first season or prequel, but for fans it is such a beautiful thing to have access to. Even though the focus is the day Max revealed she was leaving and the day Chloe learned her father died. Yeah, it’s heavy, but also something we’ve experienced I think in both seasons. Especially Before the Storm.

Yet, even with saying that, like most of Before The Storm, knowing what happens doesn’t take away the emotional weight of it. Fans will still get teary eyes, if not outright cry, and clamor for more. Even with us now knowing the peak, fall, and rebirth of Chloe Price, alongside the farewell and reintroduction of Max Caulfield.

Overall: Positive (Buy)

Chloe and Max, younger, looking towards one another.I originally didn’t buy the deluxe edition because, what reason would I have to buy it for ambiance music and extra outfits? That seemed silly, however, the trailer got me and Life Is Strange is one of the few video game franchises which has stayed fairly consistent. Even with there being two different developers behind it and even different voice actors! Perhaps really speaking to how great the franchise is that even when entrusted to a third party, it still flourishes.

Hence the positive label for while only an hour and 15 minutes, the walk down memory lane is so worth it.

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