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TV Series Anime B - The Beginning: Season 1/ Episode 4 - Recap/ Review (with...

B – The Beginning: Season 1/ Episode 4 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Lily drowns us in the type of theory which requires you really being into the show to get, Keith deals with Boris deciding he needs to be more social.

Director(s)Kazuto Nakazawa, Yoshiki Yamakawa
Writer(s)Katsuya Ishida
Air Date3/2/2018

It’s What We Need To Live: Minatsuki

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One of Minatsuki’s associates brings a vial of whatever it is this serum they seemingly need to survive. While doing so, he asks where the others are and this leads to the name Regulus being brought up. Someone who doesn’t seem so much a client as someone they work for against their will.


Here is the weird thing about the episode. As little information as we get out of Minatsuki, that is put next to Lily giving us so much word vomit that you barely want to pay attention to what she is saying. For her understanding of what is going on comes off so manic, and gets so quickly discredited, that it almost feels like a waste of time. Especially knowing she doesn’t know much so you are really pushed to wonder why are you listening to her?

You Got To Get Out More Keith: Boris, Keith, Lily

Something happened to a loved one of Keith. It isn’t clear who did what, but either way, this person, be it a wife, daughter, cousin, sister, or niece, she died after being maimed and assaulted. Possibly by Keith’s doctor friend who tried to save them. This has seemingly made it that, outside of work, Keith isn’t much for socializing.

Unfortunately for Keith, Boris is a talkative old man and with Lily wanting to be better at her job, she decides to pick Keith’s brain. Leading to the aforementioned word vomit and later on a surprise party orchestrated by Boris.


Lily talking about how the case has left her so confused.

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You ever get the feeling what a character is saying is meant to be misdirection, or just to fill up screen time? As if, it isn’t purely to be considered filler but unless you really over analyze what they are talking about, it’s pure nonsense? That’s how I feel about all Lily said for it left me as jumbled in the brain as her. Yet, with everyone discrediting her as a detective, I found myself not even worrying if there may have been something valid.

For, honestly, with us knowing who Killer B is, or at least one person using that symbol, it makes the detectives’ investigation not that interesting. The real thing of interest is how is Keith involved and what is his connection to Koku? But that seemingly is not something Keith has any plans to make apparent to us anytime soon.

I Will Find You: Koku, Bran

Bran ends up the latest victim of Killer B and while that happens, it seems Koku begins to remember the woman he killed in the last episode – Izanami. Yet, despite remembering her, it seems she is not a big deal to him. She is not the one he is looking for.


So, clearly being killed by Killer B doesn’t require you become corrupted. Those people are the main targets, but you knowing too much can get you killed as well. But, there does come the question if it was perhaps Eric or Jean who killed Bran. That and what are the rest of Minatsuki’s group doing for day jobs? Since, so it seems, they just don’t appear out of nowhere. Their jobs maybe quickly handled, but that seemingly is because they have long been planted in their positions to exercise the precision they do.

Low Points

Keith laying on the floor, overwhelmed by a problem.

  1. This show still hasn’t presented something to really drive you to binge-watch. In fact, it makes you wonder about its potential to become something interesting. Especially considering the villains are still being downplayed and our heroes seem so expendable.

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Previous Episode’s Recap

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  1. I finally finished this and drafted a full review for Wednesday. I’d like to say it gets better but better is definitely a matter of opinion in this case.

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