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Angels of Death: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Kill me… please” [Series Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

A seemingly innocent girl trapped in a building that resembles a multi-level hell, one which may just be impossible to escape alive.

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CreatorMakoto Sanada, Kudan Nazuka
Director(s)Kentarou Suzuki
Writer(s)Yoshinobu Fujioka
Air Date7/6/2018
Genre(s)Horror, Mystery
Good If You LikeViolent Anime

Seemingly Innocent Female Leads

Maniacal laughter

A sense of mystery

Noted Actors
RachelHaruka Chisuga

The Introduction

It all began with Rachel going to counseling for seeing people die. Whether it was her parents, strangers, friends or family? That isn’t made clear. All we are led to know is Rachel saw someone die and she seemingly has good sewing skills. So as for how she ended up in a building that, in each floor, seems to house a psychopath? That’s hard to say.

What’s even harder to explain is why typewriters are typing on their own, who is watching on the multiple video camera mounted, as well as who is the voice and enforcer of rules. Yeah, apparently there are rules. The only one which is absolutely clear is that the psychopath who roams each floor shouldn’t go to another. But, what psycho really follows rules?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. B5 was the floor Rachel was on at the end of the episode. Leading to the question of: with the first floor she was on being 7 likely, are there only 7 floors and you just work your way up? Or, upon the whim of the person controlling everything, could you be sent back down?


There’s Actual Suspense

When it comes to anime horror/ violence, often it seems to just be about blood, gore, and someone laughing maniacally. Usually in a way which doesn’t make them scary as much as it makes them kind of comical. However, between the scythe-wielder and Danny, there is a certain creep factor. Anytime you can’t see behind Rachel, the hairs on your back raise up as if you could sense someone on your own and it makes you frightened for her. Even though she may not be as innocent as she appears.

The Story and Mystery

Rachel saying she saw someone get killed and that is why she is in the hospital.
Rachel (Haruka Chisuga): I saw them get killed.

Taking note Rachel sewed up a dead bird, so begins the need to question whether that is supposed to hint towards something. Primarily, maybe these parents she wants to return to, what if she performed taxidermy on them? What is this whole “I got sent to a counselor” thing was her being sent to a shrink if not some weird system to coerce her to tell the truth?

On top of that, what is with this building? As noted in the intro, and Question(s) Left Unanswered, there are at least 7 floors, monitors, and a psychopath per floor. Are they there to do some extreme form of therapy or coercion of the truth? What gives?

First Impression: Positive (Watch This)

May I make a confession? I kind of like twisted stuff like this. As much as I like fluffy material which could make me cry and feel butterflies, productions that have blood, gore, and crazy people running around fascinate me as well. But, the problem with a lot of the programs like that is they are so reliant on being obscene and violent, they lack a compelling story. Angels of Death doesn’t seem to lack a quality story.

Hence the positive label since it seems Rachel is going to give us a compelling little story. One which, as it unravels, and she deals with these people who either want to kill her or rip out pieces of her, is going to give us something appealing beyond the initial shock value. As in, once you get used to these crazies running around, you won’t feel you’re just watching this because you made it this far.

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