Adachi and Shimamura: Season 1/ Episode 12 “Friends and Love, Love and Cherry Blossoms” [Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Shimamura crawling towards Adachi

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In the finale, Adachi takes many bold steps in her relationship with Shimamura. However, does she confess?

Director(s)Fumihiro Yoshimura
Writer(s)Keiichirō Ōchi
Aired (Funimation)12/24/2020

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A Multi-Day Sleepover – Adachi, Shimamura

Inspired by Nagafuji and Hino, Adachi asks Shimamura if she can sleepover. This was a bit of a weird request to Shimamura, since she doesn’t have as grand a house as Hino, but it was accepted – even when Adachi proposed it being the entire weekend.

But, in more ways than one, Adachi doesn’t get the weekend she dreamed of. Partly this is due to Shimamura’s little sister, who often sleeps with Shimamura, so there goes that. Also, with a much smaller tub and Adachi not bold enough to ask Shimamura to bathe with her, that doesn’t happen.

However, on Sunday, she does get to sit between Shimamura’s legs, if for a moment, and with getting a hairpin from Shimamura, and getting to sleep with her from Sunday into Monday, in Shimamura’s arms, she does get one night of bliss. Adachi also attempts to say she loves Shimamura, but it only ends up her saying that Shimamura looks lovely.

So, there are definitely steps moved forward but not the great confession.



You May Not Get A Love Confession, But You Make Notable Progress

In a way, we’re glad they didn’t pull a grandeur finish. Adachi is just starting to vocalize what she wants, and her realizing if she spoke up she could have it all with Shimamura, that would be a bit frustrating. So just seeing her make notable progress and get to experience the intimacy she craves, we’re happy for her. Heck, I would even say this episode, even without reminding us of Adachi’s home life, does push you to remember that one of the factors of Adachi’s love for Shimamura is that she is her source of comfort.

So with that in mind, you can accept, even love how the season ends, and whether this gets an OVA or second season, this isn’t the worst way this story could end.

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You May Not Get A Love Confession, But You Make Notable Progress - 83%


Adachi and Shimamura ends as sweetly as it began and leaves you wanting more but accepting of what was delivered.

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