Andi and Buffy walking in opposite directions.

Andi and Buffy are having a difficult time making plans, as Amber becomes a closer friend, and we see the boys open up and be vulnerable.

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Andi and Buffy are having a difficult time making plans, as Amber becomes a closer friend, and we see the boys open up and be vulnerable.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Joe Menendez
Writer(s) Sam Wolfson
Air Date 1/18/2019

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Girl Code Advisory: Amber, Buffy, Andi

With Walker and Buffy still seeing one another, and Andi having another girlfriend in Amber, this has put a strain on Andi and Buffy’s friendship. Making it so Andi kind of questions the purpose and logic of girl code. Especially since she is still trying to convince herself what happened between her and Walker isn’t a big enough deal to get mad at him or Buffy about.


Andi and Amber joking about the pains of following girl code.
Andi: Girl code may result in nausea, insecurity […]

Anyone else worried that the mindset Amber grew out of Andi may grow into? For while the two bonding, so far, doesn’t seem so bad, let’s not pretend Amber is the best influence. She isn’t the same girl we knew in season 1 but, as noted below, she also is on a completely different level than Andi. One which, while Andi shows she isn’t comfortable with being immersed in Amber’s world yet, all it may take is a little peer pressure and who knows what Andi might do.

Old Issues, New Insecurities: TJ, Cyrus, Jonah

For the first time, we learn something about Jonah’s parents! Well, at least that his dad used to coach his little league team. Whether he still does that now, well who knows? All that becomes clear to us is that TJ and Jonah were once on the same team and Jonah was really into sports at one time. In fact, he figured, in retrospect, he would have ended up like TJ and become a star player of sorts.

However, with TJ taking his #21 Jersey, which he wanted for it reminded him of Roberto Clemente, that killed Jonah’s enthusiasm for most sports. At least any that TJ or his friends were into. Hence Jonah settling for Ultimate Frisbee. But, being that Cyrus wasn’t about to have his best friends bickering over something that happened years ago, he acts as a mediator between the two.

This leads to TJ revealing he thought the jersey was #12, and that he has dyscalculia. In return, after they exchange apologies for the grudge, that only Jonah had, Jonah thanks TJ for helping him at Cyrus’ party. Leading to him revealing he has panic attacks. Leaving Cyrus mentioning he has issues with flamingos just to not feel left out.


Cyrus taking note of the reconciliation he caused.

Being a “Millennial” and watching a Gen-Z show, I must admit is slightly weird. For a part of me recognizes this is a Disney TV show, so why would toxic masculinity exist? Yet, the whole conversation doesn’t seem like Disney putting on the best-case scenario or a fantasy version of a conversation between guys. Weirdly, it seems authentic. At least, if we are to believe the conversations people my age have, and the movements we’re part of, are influencing the next generation. One which is more open, willing to be vulnerable, and caring than that which we were raised on.

With that said, it’s interesting to see the boys being able to work out their differences while Andi and Buffy are still having a bit of a hard time about Walker. Then again, the Walker thing is still a pretty fresh wound, and it’s over a boy, rather than just not getting to wear a Jersey. Never mind the whole girl code thing.

Ready For Some Change, But Not Too Much: Andi, Buffy, Bex, Bowie, Amber

With Bex and Bowie comfortable in their relationship, no insecurities or anything to get in the way of being boo’d up, they just enough each other in the best way. They spend a night on the couch, reading together, with the intimacy being her legs on him, and the occasional smile. But, as Bowie points out they are like an old married couple, so pushes them into reminding themselves they are young – so Bowie sets up a carriage ride.

However, that gets interrupted by Andi calling since Amber took her to a warehouse based high school party. Something which is a bit of sensory overload for Andi and with losing Amber at the party, she contacts Bowie. Someone who dashes off to get his kid and helps her save face by seeming like an uptight dad. But, he says his act isn’t all the way an act. That he, channeling his dad, did lose some trust in Andi. Something which shocks her to hear but also triggers the realization that Bowie might be this silly guy, but he is also her father.

Also, the whole party situation triggers for Andi that while she and Buffy have their issues, she is much more her speed. So while the Walker thing remains a bit of a crux, she’d rather have a two-person dance party with Buffy than be surrounded by strangers with blaring music. She just isn’t at that point of her life yet.


Bowie getting into dad mode when talking to Andi.
Bowie: That was my dad talking

See, this is why I enjoy Andi Mack. Does Andi seem like the type who wants to be in a crowded room with blaring music? Not at all. Would her contacting her parents seem out of place? Nope. For while Andi is a teenager, it isn’t like she is a teenager who grew up in a rough and tumble environment. Yeah, her sister turned out to be her mom, not knowing who her dad is for a bit, and who knows how they’ll write off her grandpa, cumulate to a few weird scenarios. The kind that Andi is, or was, working through. But it didn’t age her since she was still in a protective cocoon that allowed her to be a child.

So while it may seem weird to me, a kid who grew up in urban areas, it makes sense for Andi since she is a suburban girl, with cool parents, and a sheltered life. But it also leads you to question how will she transition from being a kid to a teenager not just in age, but in getting to know herself? Not that Andi doesn’t have a sense of who she is, but who she is when she isn’t associating herself with her parents, her friends, that is the question. Who is Andi when Andi takes note of her influences but says no to what she doesn’t agree with?

Considering Bowie presenting himself as the dad, and Bex slowly but surely putting on the mom hat, it should be interesting to see what comes of them disconnecting from Andi as her best friends. Especially considering Cyrus has his own friends and Buffy has Walker. Making it so the good hair crew has options outside their core group.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Anyone else wonder if this show may transition to FreeForm or will it just end? We’re nowhere near 100 episodes, but likely the show will hit high school by the beginning of the next season. And considering the topics we’ve seen thus far, it seems FreeForm would probably be more appropriate for when sex, drugs, and other things pop up. Granted, it isn’t like Amber is being pressured into any of this, and the area seems rather suburban, but who other than suburban kids get into trouble because they feel there is nothing locally to do?


  1. The boys hashing out their issues and despite how cheesy the idea seems on paper, it is executed with a sense of authenticity you may think the situation shouldn’t have.
  2. Andi realizing that hanging around Amber is a good option, but she is at a different stage in life. So while she has a bit of conflict with Buffy, there is no need for the Walker issue to get in the way of them having fun with one another.

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