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Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 6 “Cookie Monster” – Recap/ Review (with spoilers)

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We FINALLY meet Bowie’s (Steven’s) mother Cookie and Cyrus is invited to spend time with TJ and his friends – leading to a cop getting involved.

Disney Channel
Director(s)Paul Hoen
Writer(s)Phil Baker
Air Date11/16/2018
Introduced This Episode
CookieColleen Camp
Officer WrightJessica Villeneuve
ReedParker Queenan

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Another Side To Dr. Metcalf: Dr. Metcalf, Buffy, Jonah

Despite being rather awkward, and rarely hanging out without Andi, Buffy and Jonah find themselves bonding over skateboarding. Even to the point of going to a skate shop together. However, what they didn’t expect was to find Dr. Metcalf in the adjoining tattoo parlor. Something which is a shock for all but the bigger shock, at least for Dr. Metcalf, is that his whole sleeve of tattoos doesn’t earn him any cool points.


Dr. Metcalf getting a tattoo.

Let’s set aside Dr. Metcalf, who triggers bad middle school and high school memories. Let’s focus on Jonah and Buffy hanging out. For one, it makes you question where Walker is since those two have been connected at the hip since the season began. Secondly, it makes you wonder how Andi might feel? With Amber planting this whole girl code thing in her head, would she care if Buffy got close to Jonah? Even if just as friends?

I ask since Andi seemingly is getting a tad distant from Buffy and with how Andi is, kind of insecure and preferring consistency, this could be an issue. Though considering previews feature Jonah talking to another girl, who looks and seems like Millicent Simmonds, Buffy may not be on her radar.

WE FINALLY MEET SOMEONE OF BOWIE’S FAMILY! Also, we learn Bowie’s name is Steven. As for how one led to another? I want to say it is because Bowie used to eat dog biscuits as a kid but I could be wrong. That theory aside, we learn Cookie, somehow, affords to constantly be on cruises, going around the world, and that is why she is rarely around – never mind in the same hemisphere as Bowie and Andi. Leading to her overdoing it a bit.

How so? Well, she rearranges the apartment, basically turns Bowie, Bex, even Cece into mush with her love and affection, but Andi puts her on notice. Better said, while she appreciates all Cookie does, she lets her know it is a bit much. Especially for her. Don’t get me wrong, Andi loves her grandma, her hugs especially but, again, after the life shakeup that happened when Andi turned 13, she doesn’t like too much in the way of change.


Celia wrapped up in a lovie.

I think Andi might need therapy. Not the kind with drugs or to be diagnosed, but I think the trauma, for a lack of a better term, of learning her mom is her grandmom, her sister Is actual her mother, messed her up a bit. You can see it in her relationships, how frazzled she gets with even minor changes, and I won’t say she is going to pop anytime soon but we’re building towards that. For her need to be in control was already gifted to her from Cece and so she needs to, be it with Cyrus’ parents or someone else, get a handle on things.

Bang, Bang: Cyrus, Reed, TJ, Dr. Metcalf, Officer Wright

Everyone! TJ asked Cyrus to hang out with his friends, and his friends know about Cyrus. I’m not saying, but I’m saying. What am I saying? Well, at the very least TJ considers Cyrus someone he is close to. May not be his first boyfriend but could be the first guy he comes out to. Has what feels like a relationship with.

Well, that is if he doesn’t get TJ in serious trouble. You see, the hangout began simply with Cyrus meeting TJ, Reed, and another boy TJ hangs out with. However, after riding around on motorbikes watermelons are set up and, since Cyrus is innocent, he thinks they are about to have an eating contest. However, then Reed reveals they will actually be using his dad’s gun for target practice. Once that is said – Cyrus is out.

However, next school day, he takes it upon himself to tell Dr. Metcalf about it. You know, something which didn’t happen on school grounds and deals with a student who may or may not go to Jefferson. But I guess Cyrus’ conscience pushes him to say something. Thing is, Officer Wright is already in Dr. Metcalf’s office waiting for Cyrus.


Reed (Parker Queenan) talking to Cyrus.
Reed (Parker Queenan): You should see your facr right now, bro.

If someone hurt themselves, I’m sure Cyrus would have been called to the office. So, more than likely, Reed’s dad reported the gun missing and likely Reed snitched on himself and maybe TJ. If not whoever owns the land they were on said something. Either way, Cyrus likely isn’t in big trouble but definitely will be hearing a mouthful from Buffy. You know she protects him as if that was her little brother. So imagine the laughs which will come from him saying he was on a motorbike mixed with the anger, horror, from being around a gun.

TJ won’t know what hit him.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was the wish that Andi discovered during the Chinese holiday? Are we ever going to follow up on that?


  1. We finally got to meet someone in Bowie’s family!
  2. Cyrus may actually have a storyline that doesn’t involve Buffy or Andi’s latest drama.

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  1. I didn’t think about it, but yes. Andi should probably see someone.
    That wish needs to come out. Also, I need more TJ and Cyrus scenes in my life. Their friendship (even if just that) is nice to view.
    I’ve given up on Marty. He’s probably still in Port Charles or wherever.

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